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The Breaking Bad Preview Episode (FanBrosShow)


Breaking Bad Preview Episode

Breaking Bad Preview Episode? That’s right its the moment most of us have been waiting for, and I’m not talking about the return of Tatiana & Jamie even though that happens too. No, this is The Breaking Bad preview episode wherein we make our predictions for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, plus we break down the latest of True Blood. We also introduce our newest segment, Fan Bros Classics, where we cover a classic in some form of media that you may have missed.. Of course Chico has his Netflix Pic Of The Week, sponsored by Hulu Plus, and the usual insanity that you’ve come to expect from the crew.



0:00 – 3:59 – Intro as we welcome back Jamie & Tatiana and Chico tells us what was his most horrifying moment in life.

4:00 – 11:00 – Recap of the latest episode of True Blood. Not too many spoilers but come on it’s True Blood.

11:01 – 18:00 – Discussion on whether or not relationships ruin TV series, or vice versa? Spoilers on Breaking Bad.

18:59 – 31:00 – The Breaking Bad Preview, we spoil a few things about the previous seasons but by now if you’re not caught up what are you doing?

32:15 – 42:11 – Jamie decides she’s had enough of Dr. Who as we discuss the reveal of the latest Dr.

42:12 – 50:00 – NEW SEGMENT (FAN BROS CLASSICS) – We break down Mark Millar’s Superman series Red Son.

50:01 – 54:01 – Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week

54:02 – END – We speak on Elysium, and our strangest celebrity encounters



1. What is your strangest celebrity encounter?

2. What do you think will happen on the last season of Breaking Bad?

3.  What character would you love to see mashed up with another character or incarnation ala Red Son?



  • Yes I’m so glad breaking bad is coming back I binged through 2 seasons the last two weeks.

  • CeCi

    I met Ron Jeremy once at a low-budget movie premiere after party last December and he motor boated me…it was weird and I wanted to shower afterwards

    • Samantha F.

      What!?! How, I mean …how? Please elaborate because I need to know how this didn’t end with someone’s fists in cuffs or tests being taken for alcohol poisoning . Untold story time should be a new segment, or maybe even a new show.

      • CeCi

        Lol I was working for a party bus company and we were his transportation. I was his ‘host’ of sorts…one of his entourage members I guess suggested it and I laughed and next thing I know he was in my bosom. I’m a busty girl. It was ‘friendly’ as weird as it may sound. I wasn’t offended, just a little put off because he isn’t the same pretty eyed working with a monster like he was back in the day. Now he is old and well uhhh fat.

        • Samantha F.

          Now that it has been explained, my spirit is settled. I can understand how outlandish things happen in the heat of the moment, especially in the name of guest relations at a job. I was just jarred thinking of the hairy, sweaty disaster from that awful VH1 show and how that creature might manhandle a person just hanging by the bar. But now you have a crazy story and proof of your sense of humor forever.

    • that sounds crazy

  • I put the wire, breaking bad and game of thrones in my top shows I can’t put Lost in there because of the ending.

  • 2008 I started working at a Timberland store in Manchester, UK. 20 minutes in to my first shift, Robert Downey Jnr. walked in. I looked over to my new manager with a “Look!” kind of reaction. My manager had no idea who it was and thought I was nervous about serving a customer, which I wasn’t. Friggin’ Ironman had just walked in!

    Anyway, I let him and his lady walk around the shop for a bit until his Mrs started trying boots on. Tony, I mean, Mr. Jnr had a wander around and I decided I had to say something. Coincidentally, the first Ironman movie was just released on DVD that day so I assumed that’s why he was over in the UK. For promotion etc. Perfect way to get talking to him, right?

    I approached him and asked him, “So are you here for the Ironman DVD release?”. He looks at me bemused and says, “Oh, that got released? No, I’m here filming with Guy Ritchie.” I replied, “So the Sherlock Holmes film IS being made?”. RDJ looks impressed, “How did you….yes, we’re shooting here and then London next week.”.

    To cut a long story short, we basically chopped it up for about 10-15 minutes while his lady shopped and he was definitely a great guy to talk to. It’s always risky meeting people you’re a fan of but he was really cool. Quite quirky too. His Mrs wanted his opinion on the shoes she was trying, and instead of just answering, he lay down on the floor and looked at them up close. It was so weird but I kind of expected something out of the ordinary. They went to the checkout to pay and he all of a sudden put his leg on the counter and started stretching!

    The guy is an amazing actor, was a pleasure to talk to and was one of the most aloof and funny (strange) people I’ve ever met. Just wish I’d gotten a photo or autograph.

    Sorry about the long comment. Loving the show. Keep it up.

    • Samantha F.

      That’s a wonderful story.

      • Thanks Samantha. Something I’ll never forget, that’s for sure.

        • DJ BenHaMeen

          that really is an awesome story though. Thanks man never worry about a long comment we love them!! Ask Samantha!!

          • Anonymous

            Cool. I’ll have to try getting on the comments section more.

            Also, thanks for the retweets you’ve been giving my blog the past few weeks man. Much appreciated.

    • YC

      Dope story!

  • Ricky Choo

    I discovered Sleeper through CJ mentioning its dopeness in a CJ Show a while back. I am also very into the authority and Stormwatch as I mentioned previously in another thread. Do you experts can recommend someting similar?

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Planetary. fanbros.com/fanbros-classics-planetary/

  • Samantha F.

    Great show with lots of fun information. The analysis of Walter White’s actual Break bad moment and his possible demise were probably my favorite parts of the show, even though the Harrison Ford story was neat. I never meet celebs, so I don’t have any stories, but one time back in 1996 I think, I was at a summer jam in El Paso and Total was there performing and I was shocked at the amount of lesbian-uendo in their set (the tomboy was running a rose through the other short haired girls thighs and offered the rose to the audience and several grown men ran over their girlfriends to catch it) and I saw Tyrese yell at someone from his limo, but that was it. Oh, and characters I want to see merged would be Beecher of Oz and Stabler of SVU. One episode of those two playing cat-and-mouse would just make my day.