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Telekinesis is real in NYC


Only in this city will you find a girl that throws a guy into a wall for spilling her coffee.


In perhaps THE sickest, most thought out intimate, public prank, Thinkmodo, a viral video marketing company managed to make people believe that people like Carrie truly exist. Thinkmodo is the same company responsible for flying people (actually modified remote controlled planes) over the Hudson River to promote the movie “Chronicle”.

It only took the company a day to prepare the prank which was held, as usual, in New York City–this time in the West Village. The only bad part? The prank was a one time thing–bummer!

Check out the awesome video below. What would you do if your trip for a latte ended up with you witnessing a supernatural assault? Make sure to leave your video reactions in the comments below!

PS – Carrie, starring Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl in Kick Ass) opens in theaters on Oct. 18th (The FanBros are definitely hyped to see it)


  • Samantha F

    I can tell you right now, I would have never heard the scream because as soon as those tables started moving my feet would be doing the two-step out the front door.

    • LMAAAAO!! i cant lie i woulda whipped out my phone and recorded as i left–exit stage left!

  • Juancito86

    Skip that. I would’ve been at the door as soon as dude went up the wall! All I was thinking was, “What if she did that Beyoncé flick of the wrist and whatever force came back in my direction?” Nope. Uh uh. Not happening, captain. lol