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Middle Eastern Superhero Comedy From Larry Wilmore and Bassem Youssef, Coming to ABC

Former host of The Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore (In Living Color, The Bernie Mac Show) is pairing up with Bassem Youssef (Tickling Giants, The Daily Show) for a truly unique narrative comedy. ABC Studios will produce the show, titled Super Challenged Heroes, about being a hero in a world where it’s illegal. Centering on a Middle Eastern family, the duo aims to highlight Assimilation, Xenophobia, and other difficulties families encounter on their path to becoming Americans.

“At its heart, it is a family show… There are so many issues immigrant families face becoming Americans. To combine this with a fantasy adventure show seemed like an interesting approach to a family show.” -Larry Wilmore, from a Deadline.com article

As of now, plans are for only the parents to have special abilities but that could change. Larry Wilmore initially wanted to work on a show based on The Incredibles, though plans with Disney fell through.

SCH will inhabit its own space, and while both Wilmore and Youssef have political leanings, the show won’t be topical. “There won’t be a President Trump. Even through it would be America, it won’t be this version of America, it won’t be a political show in this sense, it will be in its own world.”

Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian satirist who was frequently referred to as his country’s Jon Stewart. Youssef famously made headlines in 2013 after being accused of disturbing the public peace, among many other charges by then-President Mohammed Morsi. ABC is currently home to Black-ish, with Wilmore serving as Executive Producer, and now in its fourth season. Larry Wilmore is also co-creator and producer on HBO’s Insecure, in addition to hosting his own weekly podcast, Black on the Air. Super Challenged Heroes is a working title, and could also change as the show moves into production.

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