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State Of Television Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)

State Of Television



The State Of Television episode is a very special episode of FanBrosShow as the FanBros break down the State of Television today and what you should and shouldn’t be watching on the tube these days including Boardwalk Empire, Hell On Wheels, Sleepy Hollow and more. We also speak on Agents of SHIELD and what could be done to make the show better. Other than cancellation that is, tune in kick back and enjoy the State Of Television episode with the Fanbros. Don’t forget to subscribe on Itunes, the episodes will be updated at the same time as the Soundcloud page from now on! Also subscribe to our new Soundcloud page!

  • Samantha F.

    Thank you for the rundown. How do you have enough hours in the day to watch this much media? I can barely keep up with about 3 shows a week and still fit in a book or two. My mom is raving over Sleepy Hollow, but I was a big Grimm fan and I was afraid I would get the two confused after a while. I am also going to be watching AHS:Coven to see exactly what Gabbie Sidibe is doing on this show besides being the multicultural quota.

  • Chico, doesn’t even acknowledge agents of Shield. I’m excited about the Walking Dead coming back and that’s about it.