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The Star Wars Vs Star Trek Episode Feat. Just Blaze (FanBrosShow)

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

The Star Wars Vs Star Trek Episode is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a minute now, and since Just Blaze decided to bless the show with his presence I figured now was the time for this momentous occasion. That’s right Super Producer and Super Geek King Just Blaze joined us to discuss Star Wars Vs Star Trek, and why the discussion between them is really all about Science Vs Religion. We get a little deep and that’s not even counting Just Blaze’s amazing ability to recall the most minor of geek details. Chico and Just may have to battle one of these days, but for now enjoy as we bring you the usual greatness that you’ve come to expect week after week. Old Robocop > New Robocop.


1. What was the most exciting moment that you witnessed in a movie theater?

2. Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek and why?

  • Samantha F.

    “The winking, not the blowjobs” is now part of my lexicon FOR LIFE.

    This was a great episode, but I felt so lost with the 80’s cartoon talk. I think I was too busy watching Jem to remember any of those shows even though I did own a Voltron set (and thus grew up hating Power Rangers as a complete rip-off).

    Most exciting moment in a movie: The moment in ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ when Ike was attacking Tina in the limo and she bit him back. The entire theater that had spent the last hour watching Ike whoop her @ss just exploded. It was the first time I ever felt like I connected with a room full of strangers.

    Star Wars or Star Trek? One word. Picard

    Great show as always. Every time I tune in, it is like I’m having Sunday dinner with friends and each new guest is a part of the extended family. The meal you serve is true soul food and I make sure I am in my seat every Friday.

    • Anonymous

      We love you so much.

  • 80’s cartoons did not age well.

    • Samantha F.


  • Izzy G

    I haven’t seen a lot of Star Trek other than catching a few late night reruns and some on Hulu, but I much prefer Star Wars. Yoda, Leia Skywalker, Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, and everything else I just love.

  • Great podcast once again bros!
    The most exciting movie theater scene I witnessed was when Yoda fought Count Dooku and the audience lost their minds. Star Wars over Star Trek. Why? Star Wars is and will always be epic. From the music to the character reveals; it really brought the opera to space and that is why so many people fell in love with it. Star Trek started as a T.V show so it didn’t have the opportunity to be introduced as an epic movie. It was more a fun/geeky/unique show.

  • I agree with Benhameen with Star Wars episode 2. I lost my shit when I saw Yoda kicking ass. But when The Matrix came out and Neo catches Morpheus in the air the movie theater I was in went apeshit. I’m a Star Wars guy but I liked the last two star trek movies even though the last one was major pandering. I think they were directed well by a guy that wasn’t even a fan of the series. Let’s see how his vision of Star Wars turns out.

  • nadge

    just blaze was such a great guest!
    enjoyed it so much

  • GRANDfathercloc

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to jump through my computer and rap with ya’ll on so many points. First off I fucks with Just because he was dropping points that when ya’ll first talked I was wondering if you would recognize. Like the social commentary with Robocop one and the Starship Troopers too which was directed by the same guy.

    As far as those questions Star Wars FTW
    and the biggest reactions in the theater had to be with Avengers. I swear I thought Ben Ha Mean saw the same screening I saw cause those were the reactions to the same scenes. The only cheat with that is I saw an early screening three weeks before the movie came out in HUEston so the reaction to those scenes was 100 times more than what anybody could have imagined. The only down part is we all had to wait to see the movie again for about four weeks.

    Great episode

  • Lord Mims


    I can’t say what the biggest reaction I ever seen in the movie theater was. But the most recent would have to be during The Dark knight Rise. When they said Joseph Gordon-Levitt character Blake was actually Robin and when they showed Alfred seeing Bruce at the end. The theater went bananas!.

    • Yes! My brother and I went opening night and the theater went crazy at the end of tdkr.

      • DJ BenHaMeen

        Man I was falling asleep in TDKR. No lie.