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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – “Conspiracy” REVIEW


“The Unknown” was action packed and filled with intrigue, all while moving at a brisk pace. “Conspiracy” slows down some of the momentum, but still manages to keep the story moving.

Picking up right where the last episode left off, “Conspiracy” starts with clone troopers Rex, Fives and a heavily sedated Tup arriving on the cloning planet of Kamino. It is here are reintroduced to Jedi Shaak- Ti and meet the Kaminoan Nala Se for the first time. Both want to get to the bottom of Tup’s actions, for two very different reasons. The Jedi think that this might be some sort of attack on the clones, while the Kaminoans, in leage with the Sith, are concerned Tup’s actions might be a malfunction related to the secret “order 66” and need to find out what happened, while hiding the truth from the Jedi. Because of this, both parties have some wildly different suggestions of how they should proceed with Tup’s treatment and diagnosis creating much tension between Nala Se and Shaak-Ti.

Not only do the two ladies argue about the care of Tup, there is a lot of debated about “who owns the clones?” While the Republic paid for the Clone army, the Kaminoans believe the genetic code of the Clones is their IP thus so are the all the clones and they have  final say in their handling. It should be noted that, even though Shaak- Ti lobbies for more humane treatment of Tup, she still refers to the clones as “property of the Republic.” The clones, unlike droids, are flesh and blood – they’re alive. More so, the clones view themselves each as individuals and every death is a very real loss of a brother. They themselves, as noted by Fives, do not see themselves as anyone property. They fight this war in service of the Republic, as any patriotic citizen would.


Shaak-Ti’s and Nala Se’s bickering, along with their dismissal of his thoughts on the matter, motivates Fives to start his own investigation. He won’t sit back and let Tup’s fate be decided and name tarnished by people who both see him as expendable.  Teaming up with AZ-3, a droid who does not quite understand Fives’ loyalty to Tup or his desire for individuality, the two have some great moments together, as they examine Tup’s for possible medical abnormalities. Fives discovers a Tumor in Tup, which could be linked to his actions and removes it in a risky procedure.

This might not be the most action packed episode; however, there is plenty of sleuthing happening throughout with Fives and his would be partner, AZ-3. Kamino has this great sterilized look to it and there some great shots of the expansive cloning facility. If there is one issue, it would be Shaak-Ti’s ignorance of Nana-sa’s obvious  cover up is clearly in service of the plot. She wants to dispose of Tup as quickly as possible and is in opposition of everything Shaak-Ti suggests. The open hostiles ring no alarms for the Jedi master. Even as Fives investigation turns up results that are completely opposite of what Nala Se has said and clearly aggravate her, Shaak-Ti still follows the Kamioan without question. Thankfully, Fives, who is moving closer to the darkest components and secrets of the clone army, is not as trusting.

It is great to see Fives take matters into his own hands. The clones are an integral part of the series and Star Wars lore now and this episode offer up another great look at how different parties view them and the roles they play. “Conspiracy” does much to lay the ground work for bigger revelations to follow and a great watch itself.


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