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Special Delivery: Breaking Bad Review “Blood Money” (Season 5, Episode 9)

Special Delivery

Some might question his methods, we have always just recognized genius.


The first edition of Special Delivery by the FanBrosShow is a doozy as we recap the best moments from last night’s premier of Breaking Bad. Special Delivery is a new series of podcasts that we will be dropping on you where we waste no time in getting you the goods on the topics that matter the most to you, the FanBros. So let’s not waste anytime getting into Special Delivery, just know that if you haven’t seen “Blood Money”, you might want to skip this one as we break down exactly what happened on Breaking Bad this week. Let us know what you think of Special Delivery in the comments and @FanBroShow or @DJBenhameen and thanks for tuning in!


  • Warren Ellis writes some dope stories his run on Iron Man was great. You can get the first issue of planetary for free on comixology.

  • Speaking on last nights episode I felt like it was a setup episode til the last 15 minutes. Where Hank and Walter were face to face was just an awesome scene. “Tread lightly” is my new motto.

    • CeCi

      Mine too! I’ve told 2 co-workers this morning to ‘tread lightly’ lol

  • Samantha F.

    Wow, special delivery and on my real life birthday? Thank you for this Fan Bros. When you were talking about Breaking Bad on Friday, I dreaded hearing what you thought of Sunday’s episode because there was so much build up. The idea that any show still airing is a top three contender makes the stakes so high that it would be almost impossible to live up to expectations (which is my theory on how America killed Michael Jackson after Thriller). So far, so good. But as to the question, what to do with the money…well top three answers.

    1. Rectify the 50 worst injustices of the legal system that involve the death of children through less-than-legal means (Casey Anthony, watch your back).

    2. Take all the drugs in the comfort of my very own medi-spa. Have crash kits and machinery ready at all times while I do every drug imagined and some created just for me (Heroin jolly ranchers and cotton candy ecstasy).

    3. Go to all the beautiful places on Earth and f**k someone amazing while taking in an amazing view. Orgasms go great with sun rises and ocean fronts, especially if Jason Momoa is on the scene (and he could probably use the money right about now).

    Thanks for the birthday treat!

    • Happy birthday!

      • Samantha F.

        Danke Liebe!

        • Happy Birthday.

          • Samantha F.


    • DJ BenHaMeen

      HAPPY BORNDAY!!!! LOVE!!!!!

      • Samantha F.

        Gracias mi hermano

  • I don’t know if you guys mentioned this but Bryan Cranston directed this episode.