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FBS No. 43 – The Search For A FanBro Episode Feat. Premium Pete & Girl Gone Geek

Search For A Fanbro

The Search For A Fanbro Episode? Yes folks we have decided to open the books and invite a new fanbro on the spaceship. The auditions begin on this episode and listen for details on how you can join the great ranks of the Bros Who Are Fans. We welcome Premium Pete of You Gotta Eat This, The Combat Jack Show & SneakerTube.TV, a true renaissance man if there ever was one. Pete lets us know that his geek credentials run deep and we also welcome a woman who needs no introduction to the world of nerds, Girl Gone Geek blog. She tells all about her amazing site Straight Outta Gotham and schools Benhameen on the Comics She Copped. We also debut our new tagline on this show so listen to hear what replaced the old classic “The Premier Podcast of Geek Culture By People Of Color”. Bit of a mouthful so we decided to give you something a bit fresher. On The Search For A Fanbro Episode we also break down the first ten minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier all without spoiling anything! No spoiler warning needed for this classic, tune in and make sure you subscribe on Itunes and leave us a comment while you’re at it.

  • Therealconsole

    Damn Benhameen, is truly the spoiler.

  • I knew something was missing from the Combat Jack show. The Russell Simmons episode definitely needed a def jam mix. I too read a lot of comics. I think I read more than watch tv or play video games.

  • I never ask for anything on here but I am going to ask that you guys interview Kool Keith. You will probably be looking at another critically acclaimed episode