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Sean Price Episode Featuring Special Guest Dallas Penn (FanBrosShow)


Sean Price


Sean Price? One half of the legendary Heltah Skeltah? Sean Price? Founding member of the Boot Camp Clique? Associate of the youth collective known as the Decepticons? Current Hip-Hop champion aka your favorite mc’s worst nightmare is also a FanBro? Of course he is you silly mortal, you think you get to be that nice at rhyming without reading a book or twenty in your time? Well you don’t kids so listen up as the FanBros welcome Sean Price to the spaceship to discuss his history with the aforementioned Deceptions and their relation to old school Transformers cartoon, why he doesn’t mess with Star Wars or Star Trek, and get an exclusive listen to a snippet of a song from his new alter ego Niggletheus. Another legendary episode with the FanBros, shout out to Dallas Penn for joining us this episode and thanks to the one and only Sean Price. As far as spoilers if you’re not caught up on Breaking Bad you might not want to listen to this one, but by now you should be watching every episode. And don’t forget always remember to subscribe on Itunes. You’ll feel better in the morning.

  • Wooooooooo this is everything

  • Samantha F.

    I could listen to Sean Price and Dallas sing t.v. theme songs all day long.

  • P! Dope dope episode.

    Walt proves he’s about that life every week. I’m getting anxious about how everything is going to end.

    The drops are pure genius. “Take that take that”

  • Psycho Todd needs another nickname

    • YC

      Personally, its always cool to hear nicknames I’ve coined like “Psycho Todd” bandied about by the FanBros crew!

  • I fux with Kick-ass 2! Mother Russia and Hit-girl fight at the end was epic

  • Yo! That G.I Joe movie was so ill!

  • GRANDfathercloc

    Ben you were trying to remember the show “Simon & Simon”. You remembered the truck. Fall Guy had a truck too. Those 80’s shows always made the automobiles characters

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      YESSSSSS!!! Thank you bro!!!!

  • Sulai Daffy