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Scandal’s End: “Lost Girls” – Season 7, EP 4 (RECAP)

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Like a boomerang, Fitz is back on the scene as Scandal’s fourth episode dropped last night. With ulterior motives, President Grant comes to assist a great cause. In the White House, both Mellie and Cyrus fight temptation during a Nuclear Summit.

In “Lost Girls” Fitzgerald summons Liv and OPA’s assistance in tackling a great injustice. Two hundred and nineteen black and brown girls missing, yet no one knows. Even the process the Gladiators use to elect a face for the cause exposes the racism and classism attached to the country’s missing persons. Once they’ve selected a candidate, the next step is to notify the press.

Fitz and the child’s mother appear on Curtis Pryce’s show. They plead for the country not to ignore these families’ plights anymore. Even when Curtis attempts to place blame at Fitz’s feet for the lack of attention, Fitz counters sharing the blame with the media.

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From primetime to the Oval, Cyrus and Mellie are having girl talk about their potential baes. Cyrus dodges sweet nothings and a painting from a rich simpleton. Like Blanche Devereaux dissing Jake on Golden Girls, Cyrus thinks he’s beneath him. Mellie on the other hand wants to test the chemistry she shares with President Rashad.

The Nuclear Summit with Rashad and Prime Minister Nazari is tense. It gets worse once Nazari implies Mellie and Rashad have more than just a diplomatic relationship. Appalled Mellie swallows her pride, and feelings, admitting to some previous negotiations between the U.S. and Bashran before the Summit.

This truth seemed to work until a coup in Bashran abruptly ends the summit and puts the future of Rashad’s reign in jeopardy. Mellie must choose between solving the problem with war, or leaving it be. Either way she cannot have both America and a boyfriend.

Olivia stares a parallel situation in the face as Fitz admits he’s there because she is. His monologue on how they’re better together is all he needs before their lips are boxing. It seems Liv is able to tell people their truths, just not herself. Speaking of truth, Liv finds out Fitz’s return wasn’t his own decision. The episode closes with her having a little chat with her father.

An excellent episode with an even better message. Scandal is right on track. Did you appreciate the fact that this episode called attention to the epidemic of missing Black girls? Let us know in the comments.

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