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The RIP Beth Episode (“Coda” Walking Dead Recap)

RIP Beth

Happier Times

Well damn, RIP Beth. Hopefully that wasn’t too much of a spoiler but if you’re listening to FanBrosShow Special Delivery then you’ve probably already watched The Walking Dead’s MidSeason Finale and learned the fate of everyone’s favorite singing sensation. The last episode of the first part of the fifth season is entitled “Coda” and the only coda that I could take away from this one is that Maggie isn’t gonna sleep well at all. Ever.

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  • qstorm

    I agree with Ben 100%. That ending was so contrived. I love Ernest Dickerson, but really dude, canted angles in the hallway? That shit went out with Batman in the 60s. Beth stabbing Dawn was SOOOO ridiculous. Did she really think she was NOT going to catch some lead? And, damn, who taught her how to aim, Stevie Wonder? Up until that point, I was into the episode, and I knew Beth was going to die right before watching that same night cuz TWD FB page spoiled it! But that ending was lame. Rick: “Anybody wanna come with us, step forward.” Everybody: “You mean, come with you out in the woods after yall done killed off all the assholes here, cool, so we got power, food, medical supplies…Uh, yeah dude, we’re good.” One of them actually said, “Fool, why don’t you stay HERE??”

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      loooooooooool. just saw this. It was even dumber that Rick asked. “Uh go with the dude who just rolled in here and shot our leader?”