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RIP Resurrection Finale Review Episode (FBS Special Delivery No. 23)

RIP Resurrection

RIP Resurrection. It seems kind of bitter sweet to say it after two or so months of following ABC’s Resurrection but finally we can say RIP Resurrection. I have to say it’s probably a bit more sweet than bitter as this show has had it’s ups and downs like a T-Pain song. Or a T-Pain career but it’s finally over or at least the first season has come to an ending. I could easily do a google search and find out if this show has been renewed for a second season but I’d rather spend that time telling you about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones First Of His Name where Tommen Baretheon gets crowned the new king. Long may he reign. Shouts to Ser Pounce. Peep the episode, let us know what you think in the comments and for the love of Gawd let us know what you are watching so we can turn our attention to something worthwhile.

  • Ricky Choo

    Disclaimer Part 1: I stopped listening at 13 minutes when you started discussing Orphan Black, so apologies if you adressed the thing afterwords, I wouldn’t know.
    Disclaimer Part 2: Book reader here but I garantee what I’m about to say is spoiler free #NoBenhameen

    Ok, when I started listening to this week’s special delivery, my jaw almost dropped when y’all where talking about the ish being C+ or B- at best. It’s funny because you had the same reaction to the episode some friends had. What you and my friends have in comment is your not being of the book reading elite (I kid, I kid). The thing is I had to break down the math to them and they ended up having a different outlook on this week’s episode. So let me ask you, did what I consider to be one of series biggest reveals fly over your heads??? In the episode we learn(right before Littlefinger hushes her) that Lysa Arryn poisoned Jon Arryn on Carcetti’s instructions then sent a false letter to the Starks claiming it was the Lannister who poisoned him because he was looking into Joff potentially being a bastard (which he did but that’s besides the point).

    Guys, Littlefinger is the reason for the War of the Five Kings! Homie started planting seeds before season one and the effects are still felt in season 4! If you add to that the fact he betrayed Ned Stark by prentending to be his ally in the Joffrey investigation, the fact that he had a major hand in offing Joffrey YET still manages to be in the Lannisters’ good graces, you have in my opinion one TV’s greatestest evil minds. Seriously son’s the Michael jordan of that grimey behinds the scenes ish and justt because of the importance of that reveal, the episode cannot be considered to be just average. Am i overhyped over this??? Am I in need of venting my frustration of not being able to discuss the books with any of my good for nuttin non readin ass friends???

    I’d be really interested of reading your thoughts on this

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      im slow as hell. I missed this monumental moment in the first viewing. Will discuss it on next weeks.

      • JD Edwards

        Yea I’m happy dude pointed this out so patiently. lol i wanted to spazz in the comments about this big reveal. Let the people know Ricky!!!

        • Ricky Choo

          Yo I was about to spazz calling people names and everything but then the adult voice in my head told me that probably would have been the least effective way to start the discussion (the smug book reader cliché is sooo 2011) and really I’m wondering if they weren’t too subtle about it and if it was because I got the reveal in print where there is no way to miss it.

          BTW, couple of non spoiling things they did in the show that differ from dem books:
          – The whole story about Bran team being kidnapped by the renegade crows doesn’t happen in the books which explains why Meera’s brother was so easily bale to convince Bran not to go see Jon (I think this is more interesting than what happen in the books)
          – Carcetti doesn’t reveal Sansa’s identity to the Arryn’s, he introduces her not as his niece but as his bastard daughter Alayne. He has her change her hair color too because in the books her natural auburn hair color is a dead giveway of her being a Tully. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this

    • YC

      Ricky your assessment is spot on. I had the same reaction when I heard my fellow FanBros kind of dismiss this episode. A lot of people have the fact that Littlefinger has been behind every major thing that has happened to propel the show.

      – He had Jon Arryn killed
      – He implicated the Lannisters and revealed Joffery as a bastard
      – He betrayed Ned
      – He is the catalyst that sparked the war
      – He mismanaged the money while he was Master of Coin (making himself wealthy in the process)
      – He conspired with House Tyrell to have King Joffery murdered
      – He set-up Tyrion
      – He set himself up to be in a position to marry into Lordship of the Vale, etcetera etcetera.

      Littlefinger is the epitome of a mastermind. I think he would give Ozymandias of The Watchmen a serious run for his money. That’s the depth of this story. This reveal doesn’t even occur until the third or fourth book and for those who payed attention it adds a depth and extra level to everything that has come before.

      Listening to this made me think of this paraphrased Jay-Z line, “Do you watch the show or do you just skim through?” I just may need to make an appearance on the Special Delivery to give my comrades a good talking to!

  • Yeah, I was about to say the same thing. You guys jumped over that whole scene.