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The RIP Nintendo Episode With Special Guest AG Da Coroner (FanBrosShow)

RIP Nintendo


The RIP Nintendo Episode might be an extreme title, but to say that our hearts hang a little lower today at FanBrosShow would be an understatement. Yesterday the world lost Hiroshi Yamauchi the man responsible for making Nintendo the cultural icon that it is today. Even though Nintendo isn’t going to die anytime soon we had to stop and reminisce on the greatness of Mr. Yamauchi and Nintendo in general. I guess the timing of AG Da Coroner being on the show may have been a little spot on, but we weren’t wallowing in death too much as we celebrated Nintendo as well as the life of Asac Schrader who we lost this week on Breaking Bad. We also discuss the difference between an actor who plays himself and one who plays a variety of characters, what Horror TV show had Benhameen running from the room, and AG tells us why he thinks Breaking Bad might be better than The Wire. Props to mdk7 on the amazing image above. Rest In Peace Hiroshi Yamauchi and may Nintendo live on forever.


1. What is your favorite Nintendo memory? Any system, any game, what was that moment for you?

2. What panels would you like to see the FanBros cover at NYCComicCon? Still taking suggestions for costumes for the crew as well.

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  • CW

    Hiroshi is now in another castle. R.I.P.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Comment of the week.

  • meep

    My favorite Nintendo game is still The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’ve played it every year since I was a kid. Around Thanksgiving-Christmas, I break out the N64 and 100% the game. All boses, heart containers, gold Skulltulas, weapons, upgrades etc. I love it.

  • R.I.P Hiroshi.

    My best memory is my little brother and I playing hours and hours of Super Smash Bros when it came out on the gamecube. Great show guys AG is one of my favorite rappers right now. I thought it was so gangster of Walt to tell Jessie he saw Jane die.

  • Alex R

    My favorite nintendo memory was during the pro-wrestling “attitude era(97-98)”. THQ and AKI had some of the best N64 games with WCW/nWo Revenge and then WrestleMania 2000 a couple years later. Still one of the best systems when it comes to multiplayer games.

  • Ricky Choo

    Yo I fucks with Benhameen, but fuck you Benhameen with your spoilng ass! You don’t even bother to warn now??? Listen, your fanbase is bigger than just the US, so please, please, puuuhleeeeese try to refrain from randomly spoiling shows like you did for copper. What you did is nothing short of a cardinal sin to a fanbro!
    About Tendo, yeah, count me as the only one who enjoyed Super Mario Bros 2 even though it wasn’t a “real” super mario. I just loved the move of jumping on foes and then using them as weapons.
    My real real love story about Tendo has to be the Super Nintendo which I consider to be the G.O.A.T (that would be after a bloody battle with the PS2)

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      Wait. I didn’t spoil Copper, I told yall it got canceled? Sorry but I didn’t think that it was a spoiler. Oh wait you thought I meant Ato got killed? LOOOOOOL. no he’s fine.

      • Ricky Choo

        u_u hmmm, for my defense, I unplugged my headphones very quickly, so hmmm, yeah, forget what I said 😀

  • GRANDfathercloc

    favorite Nintendo moment. Tecmo Bowl tournament Sundays