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REVIEW: “Firebird: La Peri” for HTC Vive

While I’m lucky to write this review, actually experiencing this game is everything.


We’ve been speaking heavily lately on FanBros in regards to interactive storytelling and its future in the realm of VR. And Firebird: La Peri is an excellent example of what that tech should be achieving. By having the presentation take the form of motion-capture video, it creates an easier mental transition into the environment around you. Before continuing, I would just like to say I give this a positive review and I enjoyed being surprised by where this journey takes you. If you are at all a fan of VR, ballet (particularly the one-act play La Peri), feel free pick this up for your HTC Vive and enjoy what this has to offer you.

Just remember: It’s not a game. It’s an experience.


You play as Iskender, a king on his quest for immortality. You are greeted with the regal and ground-shaking voice of John Rhys-Davies (best known for his role as Gimli in The Lord of the Rings), who explains this to you and guides you through several chapters into the unknown. From here on, you are now transported into a rhythmic fantasy world of dancers set aflame and nightmare portals filled with dark symphonies – it’s a feast for the eyes and ears to embrace.


The dancing performances are elegant and perfectly captured by Hayoun Kwon and his team. Balthazar Auxietre and his team of VR designers at Innerspace VR have outdone themselves by achieving what VR should be doing: transporting you directly into a play. You are ON the stage. This story is for you and the intimacy of that is welcoming and engaging in ways that other VR videos are still trying to find ways to achieve.

Firebird: La Peri” is currently out now on Steam.