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RECAP/REVIEW: A-Force #5 – “Singularity”

We’ve made the journey from Issue #4 into the final issue of the Secret Wars where the A-Force crew have to deal with the zombies that have gotten in through the wall. How will they fare?–Let’s find out!

We get all the Marvel heroines coming together for the big battle against the zombies. There’s a moment of panic in the beginning that’s quickly overshadowed by the team’s determination to keep Arcadia safe.  There’s barely enough time for the cry of ‘A-Force, Assemble!’ before the zombies come crashing in. The best part is that among all the chaos, everybody can still make nonchalant conversation; there’s talk of fan-fiction, drinks and whatever else everyone’s planning to do afterwards. Beneath that optimism you still get that clear sense of ‘we might just die here’.

A-force #5 talk

While the chaos continues, Nico tries to go up against the megalodon that started this whole thing.  Her rashness almost gets her eaten by the shark; luckily enough the galaxy girl swoops in and stops her at the last moment.  The galaxy girl’s rescue reminds her (and us) that a life spent stewing over revenge is no life at all. There’s a maturity about her now, a subtle but yet noticeable character development that distinguishes her from the naïve character she was in the first issue (there’s also the possibility that this is less of a maturation and more of a return to who she was before she fell from the sky???).

It is during this rescue that the galaxy girl reveals her name: Singularity. The singularity was the name of the event that pushed the two universes together—does that mean Singularity is somehow connected to the end of the world? Is she an embodiment of it? Was she born from it?

One thing we do know about her is that she loves Arcadia; loves it so much that she is willing to sacrifice herself to save it. Using her trans-dimensional powers, she sucks up all the zombies into the sky and blows herself up to get rid of them. The scene of Nico and Jennifer comforting each other foregrounds the celebration, showing the grief at the loss of a team member overshadowing the celebrations.

Loki is taken to the Shield, comforted by the fact that she’s going to see America again (like she didn’t send her there in the first place =.= ). Arcadia begins to rebuild itself and right at the end there’s a hint that Singularity is just fine…

A-force #5 singularity

Whew, what an introduction! Not only was this arc full of suspense, I really got a sense of the personalities of the main heroines.  With a full series beginning in December I can’t wait to see where we go after Secret Wars.