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Purple Wedding Episode – FBS Special Delivery. No 20

Purple Wedding Episode


Welp. The Purple Wedding Episode. If you watched The Lion & The Rose Episode of Game Of Thrones then you already know what The Purple Wedding Episode is all about. If you haven’t then here’s a massive Spoiler Alert for anybody who just loves FanBros.Com that much that they have to check every article. For you people go ahead and click here. For everyone else? Bet you didn’t see that coming right? Kind of makes Arya’s whole quest kind of moot doesn’t it? I mean everybody hates somebody on this show but man that kind of took the cake didn’t it? Get it? Ah don’t worry just listen to The Purple Wedding Episode of FanBrosShow and let us know who you think, wait hold up, question of the week is who do you think killed whoever it was who got killed in this episode. There I still didn’t spoil it after the whole intro, but you know what? I’m so glad that B* is dead.


  • Warmachine04

    A lot great shows are out. Those that kill, 100, chi fire and Chi Pd.

  • Samantha F.

    I find it fascinating that so many adults were cheering the death of a fictional child (in the books, Joffrey is about 14-16). It says a lot about our society that we look Arya as an innocent that turned bad, but Joffrey is just flat out rotten because boys apparently aren’t children once they reach puberty (no wonder the Vili Fualaau’s of the world are high-fived instead of counseled and granted restraining orders).

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  • Warmachine04

    I agree but in society we eat our young. That’s why child deaths are on display lately. The violence that Is portrayed on film and games are our lives now.