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PREVIEW: Eight Shows To Watch This Fall (TV)

Hey, FanBros. The Television Critic Association’s Summer Press Tour 2016 just dropped and we’re taking the time to look at some of the best new shows coming out of it to premiere this fall and later.

Of the many shows premiering this fall, here’s are eight that you can’t miss:

8. American Gods

American Gods chronicles the story of Shadow, as he enters the war between the Old Gods and the New Gods, who are conspiring against each other to claim dominance (and relevance) over modern society.

I know many of you will wonder why this is so low on my list. The answer is simple: while the concept is amazing, the characters are captivating, the world has huge potential and the possibilities of all of these elements is huge, the source material that this is based on is actually quite slow. And the main character’s lack of reaction to his surroundings seems to have translated. I usually like to stay close to the source material, but if this decides to take a few turns to get the ball rolling, I will gladly enjoy the ride.

But, let’s be honest: It’s Neil Gaiman and Bryan Fuller with one of the most phenomenal casts ever on television, so it’s still a must see.


7. Single By 30

I’m very into the concept of YouTube‘s original programming. It gives indie filmmakers a voice and opportunity to create their brand, tell their own stories without limits and for us to see different stars and heroes than what we’re told we should be accustomed to. Seeing two people of color in an ironically modern plot that sort-of, but occasionally doesn’t, take itself seriously is a welcome change of pace.

Our two main characters make a pact that if they are single when they are old and at their last line (at the age of 30), that they’ll marry each other. So, with the deadline coming up, they each find a strategies to work around their new life situation. The show has a level of charisma and independent effort that goes a long way. Here’s to hoping that this starts something new. The pilot episode is available now on YouTube.


6. Soundbreaking

This amazing PBS eight part miniseries captures the work, creativity, compelling stories and bold creations of some of the greatest producers in the music industry. Each episode will cover a different era and follow the genres that go with it. The series doesn’t skimp on legends, either. It will feature stories and narration from the likes of Quincy Jones, RZA, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Smokey Robinson and so many more. If you’re a documentary and music junkie like me, you’re probably just as excited to tune into this, starting in November.


5. Insecure

If you’re a FanBro, there’s a good chance you may have heard of Issa Rae and her YouTube sensation: Awkward Black Girl. HBO has recently given her an upgrade and Rae is now headlining her first series this October, which chronicles the hilarious parallels and struggles of two Black women in LA. I’m a sucker for a good underdog story and I’m  happy it isn’t Girls or Ballers.


4. The Exorcist

So, there is a pilot of this floating around out there and it is absolutely excellent. The directing (thanks to the excellent Rupert Wyatt of Rise of the Planet of the Apes), acting, cinematography, story and overall scares are spot-on. This is new for Fox to try something with this level of depth and they were lucky enough to land creators who truly understand the source material. It’s more than a young, innocent priest teaming with a bad-ass older Templar who has reached the Batman stage in his life. The fear of losing your family is just as strong as a demonic force and wherever this story is leading to make this become an hour-long series, I am willing to follow.

The Exorcist premieres Friday, September 23rd.


3. Atlanta

Everything about this series is pointing at two major goals while this is being made: It has a lot to say and it will be very dark. Donald Glover‘s new series was greenlit by Louis C.K.‘s programming team, which has taken over FX since he decided to abruptly end his own show. And considering the tone of Louie and Baskets, this seems like the right platform for a series of this weight.

The plot revolves around Glover’s character attempting to become the manager of his cousin’s rap career and all of the issues that arise in that community. While the show will undoubtedly touch on the music industry, Glover has already been quoted that his goal is to make his audience “feel what it’s like to be black, and you can’t write that down. You have to feel it.” I’ve been waiting for an antithesis to Fox’s Empire, and it looks like we’re about to be delivered something really special.


2. Riverdale


I’ll be perfectly honest: This is actually my most anticipated new series of the fall. Everything that has came from the Archie brand in the past four years has been absolutely excellent: Life With Archie, Afterlife With Archie, Archie Vs The Predator and of course 2015’s Archie reboot by the creative team behind Saga. So, hearing that the owners of the IP are heavily involved in this series, that Greg Berlanti (Flash, Arrow) will be the showrunner and that Riverdale will have a horror/mystery-noir feel with throwbacks to classics like Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks makes this genuinely sound like what I want more than anything.

In addition, Berlanti’s love and respect for source material has me excited to see all of the possibilities for where this series can go. And with the expansions that now exist in the Archie universe (zombies, aliens and a certain witch named Sabrina), there are more than a few possibilities for them to take these classic characters in unknown places. This honestly sounds like more fun than what any other show is offering and the only reason why it isn’t my number one is because they continue to refuse to drop the trailer.


1. Westworld

I am both nervous and intrigued by the fact that we have another series about sentient robotic A.I. coming to television (by the way: watch Humans – it’s excellent). The cast is stunning, the team behind the camera are a little more than acclaimed and HBO will be investing whatever they can into this to make sure they don’t lose the crown, now that there’s an end date for Game of Thrones.

The original novel featured an extremely realistic world populated by A.I. robots and an adult-themed amusement park where you pay $1K a day to experience and do whatever you please. But, when malfunctions happen in other worlds (like the Roman World and the Medieval World, which I’m really hoping we get to see), the danger becomes very real in Westworld, where the creators of the automatons aren’t even sure what all of them are made of. The production and risk of this show are high, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us.


What new series are you looking forward to the most this season? Be sure to comment below or on @FanBrosShow.