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WATCH NOW: Power Rangers (2017) Teaser Trailer

The first Power Rangers teaser trailer for  has dropped and it is excellent.

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trini suit power rangers teaser zack suit power rangers teaser

It’s clear that the series has a specific focus on the characterization and modernizing the heroes in a way that they never took the time to be established in the original series. The racial issues that the series was known for have seemed to also be thrown out the window by allowing Billy the Blue Ranger to be African-American and Trini the Yellow Ranger is Latina.

In the Power Rangers teaser trailer the cinematography is amazing. The style evokes reminiscent vibes from the film Chronicle, which is an excellent platform to emulate. Slight changes, such as super strength in their human forms suggest that more mature, scientific explanations will show why these kids are the ones who will be protecting Earth. With the writing team’s past superhero film experience(Thor, X-Men:First Class), it’s a good chance we will be getting something very special(and surprisingly original) in 2017.


Here’s your first look:


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