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PAX WEST 2017 Line-Up Preview

What’s up, FanBros!

We are less than a month out from PAX West 2017 invading Seattle in September. Every year, a convention center is jam-packed with gamers, geeks, rough smells, podcasters, developers and the indies they’ve been putting their hearts & souls into.  To give you a little insight, we have to set a pretty tight schedule in regards to who we actually get to have a hands-on demo with and who we get to schedule an appointment with. So, as we struggle through our lists of so many amazing developers, let’s introduce you to a few of our favorites:


Dual Universe


Developer: NovaQuark

Platforms: PC

Dual Universe is an open-world, sandbox MMORPG and ” 3rd most funded video game on Kickstarter in 2016″. While the visuals seem to leave a lot to be desired, I’m more interested in the ability to build and structure your ship and the world around you(as seen in the trailer below), while maintaining the ability to be a strong multiplayer game. With the developers also mentioning that the story will also deeply delve into “trade, politics and warfare”, this may be the only PRE-ALPHA build on the floor I’m actually dieing to see.





Developer: Cleaversoft

Platforms: PS4, Vita, PC, Mac

I’ve been following EarthNight for two years, now. My first experience with it was at MagFest and it’s a bit of a delight. You’re a child traversing a “dragon apocalypse” and at such speeds, I’ve mistaken it twice for a runner. But, with enough of an expanded game and new worlds, I’m excited to get such a major release(even on consoles!).



Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption


Developer: Dark Star

Publisher: Another Indie

Platforms: PC, PS4, XBOX

I usually am pretty turned off by titles with melodramatic titles and Dark Souls clones, but this gameplay honestly looks like fun. It’s fast, exciting and still has that “you juked left instead of right and was cleaved in half” level of difficulty that looks really fun. I feel confident about wandering towards this booth.



No Truce With The Furies

Link Here

Developer: ZA/UM

Publisher: Humble Bundle

Platforms: PC

Of the five games premiering under Humble Bundle, this is easily the one I’m running to. An isometric detective story in a seaside town where you’re taking “one last job”. I feel like this was made for me. The game also runs on a D&D-style Metric system with skills set to day-to-day life for paying rent, dancing, flirting, etc. I may be lingering at this booth for a while.




A visual novel in Unity3D

Developer: Route 59 Games

Platforms: PC, Mac

This feels like an anime version of a Guy Ritchie movie. And I am here for it. The style, comedy and mystery of this visual novel pulled me in from the trailer and I’d totally be into getting wrapped into this. Looking forward to taking a walk to Floor 6 for this.




Link Here

Developer: Ysbyrd Games

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBOX

So, the “minor geek celebrity” angle is not really doing it for me, but the gameplay is definitely making up for it. You get a large variety of spell options with different elemental effects. So, this creates the opportunity to make combos of varying, devastating effect. To see team attacks and multiplayer action move in this gives me pleasant reminiscent vibes of Avatar: The Last Airbender.



Are there any previews or premieres you’re looking forward to for PAX West 2017? If so, let us know and we’ll feature it as we gear up for Seattle on September 1st!!

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