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Pacific Rim – A Gif Review (No Spoilers)

pacific rim gif review

The Australian Tourism Industry never quite recovered.

Pacific Rim? A Gif Review? I know I know but after seeing Pacific Rim earlier tonight I don’t really have the words to express exactly how I feel about this movie. I mean any review I could do would start and end with go see this movie in the best theater that you can afford now. Guillermo Del Toro has done an amazing job in creating a world of Jaegers (Giant Robots) and Kaiju (Giant Monsters) that feels fully realized and lived in. There’s so many great action moments but the story is very well thought out and the characters and their interactions for the most part are solid as well. But before I spoil any more of this fantastic film let me take the Internet way out and let these gifs explain what I thought about this fine film. So with no further ado, Pacific Rim – A Gif Review.

When the movie started up and less than a minute in the Kaiju were destroying the Golden Gate bridge like it was a Tonka toy set I was like:

Then there’s ten minutes of set up where they explain the whole story in simple terms before the credits even roll, all while slamming you in the face with action and amazing imagery and I’m all thinking I like where this is going.

But then these Kaiju started destroying whole cities in a few seconds of screentime and your boy was like:

The fights at the beginning of the movie would have you thinking that this is as good as its going to get.

But then about halfway through they turn it up to eleven.

When the Russian and Japanese Jaegers were introduced it was like someone had just given me a Megatron and Starscream after I already had Soundwave.

Now I can’t lie to you there’s some romance and bromance moments that are cool at first you know?

But before you can even think too hard about it or wonder why Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman are acting circles around pretty much everyone else they hit you with moments like this one. I’m not even joking on this one, this really happens. But with giant robots. Wait did I forget to mention giant monsters. Why haven’t you bought a ticket yet?

When Idris Elba gave the Bill Pullman in Independence Day speech I was jumping up out of my seat on some:

I was hoping that Idris Elba would include his barber in the people he was declaring war on but alas. Pretty much the only bad thing I can say about this movie is what in the hell was up with that fade?

So in closing I just want to say this to Guillermo Del Toro and everyone involved in the making of this movie:

One last note, I was told that at certain points in the movie I was looking exactly like this.