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Outlaw Barz: Rants and Reapers (PODCAST)

On episode 3 (“Rants & Reapers”) of the hit anime podcast Outlaw Barz, Deadly Diva, Jade and Sope rant-review the final (finally) chapter of the Bleach manga. The ladies discuss the some of the more anger inducing anime endings that make no sense; while Sope explains (yet again) why you should never give your heart to an anime. There’s also plenty of anime recommendations and news to go around, so sit back, grab your box of strawberry pocky and hit play!

List of Anime Recommended in this Episode:

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  • Hey thanks for these love the episodes but the audio levels are kind of rough to deal with. I couldn’t understand half of what one of the ladies was saying. Keep up the good work!

  • Ya’ll really mad about ichi-hoe huh?