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FBS Special Delivery No. 22 – The Oathkeeper Episode


The Oathkeeper Episode probably covers more ground with more storylines than we are used to seeing on Game Of Thrones so listen as The FanBrosShow helps to make sense of everything that is going on in the world of Game Of Thrones. Don’t worry you won’t need a sword named Oathkeeper or a cat named Ser Pounce to understand this episode, we make it easy to understand the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. Oathkeeper was another great episode but we also had to cover Resurrection as this week is the penultimate episode of the show we all love to hate. ABC please get it together for the finale.

  • Samantha F.

    I was kind of confused by Ben’s statement about the knight’s watch admission standards. Being in the knight’s watch is equivalent to going to the pen. – it doesn’t take much. This episode of GOT was good – plot-wise, but I am hoping this is the last rape episode for a while. I mean, we all know about Craster’s daughters and the hell they live in, but it is ridiculous to have beaten, nude women being raped during a character’s monologue TWICE. More White Walkers, less rape please