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Nuggets of Wisdom: No Country for Old Wrestlers

After a short break, Nuggets of Wisdom returns.

Nintendo was right about the Wii U. We were wrong.” Jessica Conditt Engadget

The Wii U in the last year and half has come into its own. Nintendo’s first and second party studios have released some the best games in recent memory. More importantly, Nintendo games do not release broken. Still, consumers are cold on the Wii U because of its lingering hardware, networking and interface issues. Many of these issues are direct result of Nintendo’s stubborn design choices. While I do not agree with 100% of their premise, Jessica, Conditt, Sean Buckley and Joseph Volpe at Engadget argue it is us who do not understand the Wii U and have an aversion to fun.

Is John Cena The Best Wrestler Of 2015?” Tom Breihan and Ernest Wilkins Deadspin

John Cena is the Drake of wrestling. It’s because of that, a lot of smart marks now find themselves in the curious position of wondering whether he is currently the best wrestler of the year so far. Tom Breihan and Ernest Wilkins break down is troubling revelation that John Cena has been in more match of the year candidates than any other wrestler and is currently doing the lord’s works, giving the WWE’s often depressing mid-card some amazing matches on a weekly basis with his US Title open challenge series.

The Gawker meltdown, explained” by Alex Abad-Santos
Limits at Gawker? Rules at Reddit? Wild West Web Turns a Page” by Jonathan Mahler

Last week, Gawker blew the fuck up. For the only the second time in the site’s history, a post was removed. Gawker, the snarkiest set of self-described self-righteous jerks on the internet, found themselves partially reporting on their own self-destruction. It was a slightly confusing story to follow, giving the almost universal distain for the original post that had them outing, gay shaming and kind of help blackmail a Condé Nast executive leaving many onlookers to wonder if this was the hill the Gawker staff wanted to die on. Believe, Gawker’s chief competitors took great solace in the whole kerfuffle. Alex Abad-Santos at VOX breaks down the situation for the uninformed while Jonathan Mahler over at the Times takes a look at what these changes could mean for Gawker and internet media companies in general in the long term.

Aiyo Watch this

R.I.P Iwata

R.I.P Hulk Hogan

There are those Bioshock 2 defenders out there. You won’t find them here.