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Nuggets of Wisdom: Life after E3 2015

These past two weeks have been eventful. Not only did the violence malice filled history and culture of America wrapped the country in horror,  E3 2015 happened at the same time. The previous two weeks were a mix of great excitement and frustration. While video games for the first time in long time look to be on the edge of a major push towards to the future, America’s centuries old problems reappeared once again to remind us how miserable this great country of our can be at times. This week’s NOW is a mix of the stories happening before and after E3 that may have been lost in the shuffle.

Stop Preordering Video Games” Luke Plunkett Kotaku

Last week was E3 – a week of constant hype. Looking at the things to come causing many gamers to scream “shut up and take my money now.” This past E3, gave plenty of reason to be excited for the implemented future. Still “shut up and take my money now” has always been a dangerous precedent.
This week again saw a major video game release broken. While the PS4 version of Batman Arkham Knight has gained high praise, PC the version of Arkham Knight is bad. So bad Warner Bros has stopped selling the game until they can release it in a maybe not so broken state. There are many reason for Arkham Knight broken launch. You can count preorders among them. Luke’s piece covers a gauntlet of reasons why you should not still be preordering games in 2015. Chief among them – publisher have no damn reason to release working games, because they already have your money.

Rachel Dolezal Is The Ultimate Studio Gangster” by Andreas Hale 2DopeBoyz

This story was funny until Rachel started opening her mouth and we got to experience the true extent of her madness. The Dopehouse’s resident wordsmith makes the perfect analogy while examining all the troubling issues surrounding Rachel’s claims of transracial identity bullshit.

Why We Write: On Game Critique, Influence, and Reach” Austin Walker GiantBomb

Video game fans are some of the most passionate out there. Because of that passionate, some have a hard time separating criticism from attacks their personhood . It’s not only Video Game fans, but in all fandoms; some folk feel a critique on the thing they love is a critique of them, leading to people getting very defensive and angry. This is not the purpose or intent of most criticism. Austin Walker, the newest face at GiantBomb, breaks down the various purposes criticisms serves, who can benefit from it and how it not really about attacking people or forcing developers to makes changes to their games. The piece is also a great introduction Walker, who is a PHD candidate and is a perfect fit for the Bombers.

Aiyo Watch this

“Preach, Reverend President.”

  • One of the best games Ever, story is great, game play is great. Only problem not enough Harley!