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New York Comic Con Wrap Up Episode Featuring Joe Illidge, Michael Imperioli, Kid Fury & More


New York Comic Con Wrap Up Episode


The New York Comic Con Wrap Up Episode might be our deepest episode yet. Not only did we bring in Joe Illidge to help us discuss the convention, but we laced you with interviews from Kid Fury, Michael Imperioli, the creators of Chew Jon Layman & Rob Guillory, and more! I mean this might be our most legendary episode ever and that’s no lie! We also announce the details of our upcoming Laffster Live Show (OCTOBER 28th At 8:30 PM) and so much more including Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week & Comics I Copped. There’s so much in this episode that I don’t want to waste anymore time just press play and enjoy the greatness of the FanBros! Subscribe on Itunes!!! And on Soundcloud! Make yo mama proud!



  • JDS

    Great ep!

    I miss Jaime!

  • JDS

    Also Chico,

    Steve McQueen (directer of 12 Years a Slave) is a London-born Trinidadian. He’s blacker than the back of my neck, g. And likely descendant of the New World African slaves

    I haven’t seen the film, but I’d consider it authentic.

  • JDS

    *hat trick*

    Benhameen, I agree. Avengers was sort of muddling this week but I’m starting to see the big picture.

    Just as you thought, this event is leading into the next big event which is supposed to focus on all the newly “activated” Inhumans.

    But the main plot between the Builders wanting to destroy Earth in Avengers, and the colliding universes in New Avengers I think is related to all the reckless time-travel that happened in Age of Ultron. Wolverine basically ripped and fractured continuity 5x over, and the true consequences of that are coming back to bite everyone in the ass.

    I think Thanos is the most interesting agent in all of this chaos, because now that he has his hands on the world-destroying tech the Illuminati has been using, he can kill his offspring and wreck the planet in one fell swoop. And there’s nobody on Earth at the moment that is brolic enough, like Hulk or Thor, to throw hands with him.

    There’s still 5 issues across the 3 titles, so Hickman could potentially wrap it up, but I’m not sure. Too much up in the air.

  • Oh man, you spoke with Larry Hama. G.I Joe and his Wolverine run were incredible. I got to check out 12 years a Slave. Great episode guys.

    Sidenote Benhamen, it’s actually Michael Rooker playing Yondu not Norman Reedus.

  • GRANDfathercloc

    the best way to describe “Arrow” is a fine chick with a busted face. You gotta keep messing with her but its hard to put her up there with the beautiful ones. The hero kills people (a lot), the story is often told non-linear, and there are twist that you don’t see coming early on. The problem is it is on WB which always has bad production (hence the buttaface). The cast can be to perfect looking, and like Smallville the set can seem to contained but it does not feel AS CONTAINED as Smallville and he is a smaller character. If this show came on AMC or HBO it would easily be one of the top three shows on T.V.