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Marvel Superheroes And Villians Yet To Appear In Movies (LIST)

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I came across this infographic about some comic characters that haven’t made it to the big screen yet and had to share it with my fellow Fanbros, comic heads, and the everyday people who are only here because Captain America drops tomorrow. There are definitely some worthy picks amongst the ten but I’ll give you my full thoughts after you check it out below.

Marvel Superheroes And Villians Yet To Appear In Movies

I like the rating system with the chance that a character makes it into the film, but I’m pretty sure that Baron Zemo is going to be seen in the near future with Baron Von Strucker already making it into the Marvel Films. I just realized that the chances of seeing the Strucker twins is even less than Zemo since they are tied up in the X-Men franchise and the rights to those films are unfortunately tied up with Sony.

Marvel Superheroes And Villians Yet To Appear In Movies

This Needs To Happen

But you know I do have get on my Fanbro soapbox for a minute here and ask where in Wakanda is Black Panther on this list? Every week on Fanbros show we ask Luke Cage or Black Panther in our Braap segment and most of the time people answer Luke Cage. Now nothing against Luke as Power Man & Iron Fist was one of my favorite comics growing up but why is a king of an African country with advanced technology that has never been colonized or invaded so difficult to relate to people? Why can’t T’Challa get any love? Marvel has repeatedly stated that a Black Panther movie is in the works, but that might as well mean that a Black Knight movie is in the works since they are both Avengers and happen to have Black in their names. Black Knight might even get made first since Marvel seems to think that their audience can accept a man with a magical hammer who comes from another dimension before an African king. Let’s not even get into the talking raccoon.
Now before you think I’m hating on Marvel’s game plan let me be the first to say that I am utterly amazed that they have even pulled off what they’ve pulled off so far and with early reviews on Captain America being through the roof I’m sure that they have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. I’m just saying, if you can sell people on everything that you have sold them so far it shouldn’t be that difficult to sell them on a Black Panther film. Question for everyone who made it this far, what character would you most want to see in a Marvel production? Let me know in the comments below.

Shouts to Vue Cinemas for the graphic.

  • FanBrosFan

    I agree with Black Panther and Luke Cage. Terry Crews could play Luke, it’s like they designed his current look after Crews. Doctor Strange (I think that’s actually happening), and Namor would be nice as well.

  • In the case of the Black Panther I don’t think that it has been a case of neglect throughout the years but more fear. Fear of the conservative and liberal “American” family bringing their kids out to see a film called “Black Panther”. In a way the character’s name shoots itself in the foot similar to how your parents would say “don’t get all these tattoos or you won’t be able to find a job later in life”. It is a sad reality but the sheep look to perception as larger than life. When this character was created it was out of response to the current time and like Marvel has always done, they were radicals and ready to take the risks at a crucial moment in American history. Black Panther’s whole story is about a black culture that is self contained, knows their lineage and against anyone helping them. The black power movement was about protecting our own communities and knowledge of self and history. It is actually incredible that Marvel would adapt a character like this to their comic universe in the late 60’s and it is still one of its strongest franchises today. This though is where we have to give Marvel the “side eye” because right now they are a reflection of their paperback stories. No matter who they decide to put on screen it is a win so the pressure is truly on them to make this story happen. Just like when they created the character it was risky but now the time and medium is the only difference. Now we also don’t want them to force anything too. The best adaption of Black Panther to me is what Reginald Hudlin did in his 2005 run as well the animated series which was a failure because of BET’s “bamboozled fear. I do not want an apologetic Wakanda film. I want a Panther film that explores that aspect of a history of self containment but one man or a few citizens believing the old ways are over and it’s time for a change. This can be done, because in a sense it has been with the Thor films and you would expect nothing less should a Namor film happen. I know this is a long response but I have literally been wanting for years to see/hear if folks thought the same way.