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Just Blaze Vs The FanBrosShow (FBS No. 56)

Just Blaze

Just Blaze joins @FanBrosShow on this very special episode to discuss things. Transforming things, losing entire collections of comics and vinyl things, Predator remake things, Star Wars things and many other things including once again Just proving that he may as well be King Of The Geek. Always remember to subscribe on Itunes and of course don’t forget about that beautiful donate button on the right hand side of this glorious website. You know you wanna click on it. Do it. DO IT NOOOOOOWWWW! GET TO THE CHOOPPPAAAAA!!!


What is the best worst movie that you have ever seen?

  • stoked!! @CombatJackShow at the moment. Love @JustBlaze saw him at @rootspicnic

  • This episode reminds me of why I started listening to Fanbros. Wanting to jump through the computer and join the conversation. The Meyer Park reference *you ain’t never lied*

    Ya’ll got the wheels turning about best worst movies. “Big Trouble In Little China” used to love it. When I first got into comics I thought The Mandarin character came from that movie. Then Just mentions “Killer Clowns From Out Of Space”. So it made me think about the question best worst movie. “Critters” thats my pick

  • Best worst movie is ghostbusters 2. I used to watch that movie everyday when I was a kid. Also teenage mutant ninja turtles is a good bad movie.

  • BenHaMeen doesn’t understand that Kurt Russell is supposed to be a screw up in the film, John Carpenter has said that he wanted to go against the norm and make the main white American character the sidekick while all the Asian characters do the work. Anyway Big Trouble in Little China is my Best Worst Movie, its the best because its still one of the funniest 80s movies of all time (there are crazy lines in the film) worst because the action scenes and stunt work is terrible even by 80s standards.

  • This was a great episode! Definitely enjoyed you all and really got a kick out of the Flash pilot “falling off the truck”. I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take that series after seeing what they did with Arrow. On to next week!

  • Ed Folden

    This is my first time tuning in. Mos def going to subscribe. Best worst movies I’ve seen top 5:

    SF The Movie
    Judge Dredd
    Dragon Heart
    Batman and Robin
    Demolition Man

  • Big Trouble In Little China is my favorite movie of all time. I saw it as a kid on HBO but I love it! Its not meant to be taken seriously, just an escape in the form of entertainment.

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