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Junot Diaz Podcast


On the Junot Diaz Episode of the FanBrosShow Podcast we are joined by the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao & This Is How You Lose Her. In addition to that Junot Diaz is also a FanBro to the Nth degree and this conversation went from comics we copped to corruption with cops. We spoke on Star Wars Vs Star Trek as well as why movies with visions of the future have been so bleak and dark as of late. You may know the FanBrosShow from being the premier podcast of geek culture, but we’re going to another level with the Junot Diaz Episode. If you haven’t already subscribe to us on Itunes & Soundcloud, and make sure you vote in our Midroll Survey. Thanks for the love it only gets better from here.


Questions Of The Week:


1. When did you know you were a FanBro?

2. Luke Cage or Black Panther? and the others?

3. Have you taken our Survey yet? Why not?


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DJ BenHaMeen

DJ Of Awesome Things, Former Herald Of Galactus, Butcher Of Names.

  • http://BlerdMediaGroup.com BlerdMedia

    Yoooooooooooooooooo! I’ve been waiting for an interview of this magnitude for a long time. I’ve heard Junot speak to the academics and the NPR folks but I’ve always wanted to hear him in his element…in our element.

    Shouts to the Fan Bros for pulling this off and for recognizing this Brother’s talent.

    1. I’ve been a FanBro since I could read on my own. I was raised on a steady diet of Hip Hop, 1980’s cartoons and movies, and comic books. I’ve taken time off from my pop culture diet but I always come back to the media I love.

  • Melissa V

    awesome interview, I have never been so moved by someone who speaks with intelligence so fluently.
    epic loved every minute of it.

  • http://peaceuvmine.com GRANDfathercloc

    dope interview man. this got dropped some gems. definitely felt him when he talked about speaking English and know one understands you. has happened to me too many times.

  • spirit equalit

    1) I don’t even know whata fan bro is, but I started reading comics when I was 7, if that’s what you mean.

    2) Black Panther. Even though I wish his mask didn’t cover his whole face, my kid asked if he was Captain America in a new costume when she first saw him. LMAO.

    3) No. Because?

    • http://loveat1stbyte.com Tatiana

      1. A FanBro is anyone that has been deeply involved in genre defining media, sometimes nerd status. So if it was comics for you than you’re a Comic FanBro! Typically a fanbros’ interests can encompass a variety of genres. As long as the interest is pure you’re good.

      2. lol thats cute.

      3. Yeaaa…Can you be a good sport and take part in the survey? Only takes 3 min. :) http://themidroll.com/survey/bros

  • http://Therealconsole.tumblr.com Therealconsole

    Awesome interview guys.

  • Samantha F.

    Normally, I leave long comments, but Junot said it all. Great Job guys.

  • http://Saywordmel.com SayWordMel

    Obsessive Archie comic reading lead to extreme reading period.

    Martha Washington kicks both their behinds. (look her up if you don’t know homie)

    and yeah, duh!!

  • http://www.josephbayot.com Joseph Bayot

    Dang this interview is dope. Thanks for posting it! Junot is the man.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      thank you for checking it! Its one of my favorites but we drop new great episodes every week! Check us out!

  • http://www.pantheonunlimited.com YC

    Please share a link to this interview via your social media outlets, don’t keep the dopeness all to yourselves FanBroskis!!!

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