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The Incredible Jessica James: Jessica Williams Interview

Back at Essence Fest we had the amazing opportunity on the Netflix red carpet to speak to the incredible Jessica Williams on her film The Incredible Jessica James. Jessica James follows the story of Jessica, an aspiring playwright and New York transplant that just suffered through a considerably hurtful breakup with her boyfriend (played by Lakeith Stanfield). As she struggles to find meaning and run towards her dreams (despite an avalanche of no’s) she strikes up a friendship with a random guy that happens to be an app designer.

On the red carpet I spoke to Jessica Williams about how to practice self-care and maintain good relationships, as well as how Black women can protect their inherent magic. She drops a great deal of gems in this quick interview that are bound to have a lasting impact. Watch below and be sure to hit up Netflix on Friday, July 28th for the premiere of The Incredible Jessica James on Netflix!


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