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Have You Copped? – Avengers & New Avengers By Jonathan Hickman & Various (Review)

Have You Copped

Have You Copped? Avengers by Jonathan Hickman

If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately then you’ve heard me ranting and raving about how Avengers and its companion title New Avengers are two of the best books Marvel is releasing right now and that Jonathan Hickman is a Gawd amongst men. In the first edition of Have You Copped I’ll break down how and why it’s worth your time and money or something to that extent.

Have You Copped

Someone has got some explaining to do.

New Avengers focuses on the Illuminati; a team comprised of Namor, Reed Richards, Beast, Tony Stark, Black Bolt, Black Panther, and Dr. Strange. Like their name implies this team works behind the scenes to solve problems with intelligence and plotting rather than pure brute strength.
So far the Illuminati have focused their energy on stopping Incursions into our world, in which an alternate version of our own universe attempts to occupy the same space as our own universe. This would lead to the destruction of both universes and has thus left the Illluminati in a moral quandary as so far it has been destroy or be destroyed. As complicated as the idea of Incursions sounds it’s explained quite well by Hickman with his trademark graphs and charts.

Have You Copped
In the latest issue tensions between Namor and Black Panther have gone past the boiling point, with BP’s nation of Wakanda having declared war on Namor’s Atlantis, in retaliation for an attack that occurred months ago in Avengers Vs X-Men. Immediately after this callous attack the servants of the mad god Thanos arrive on Earth, intent on laying waste to any and all who stand in their way. With Namor and Atlantis in ruins and the rest of the team in disarray it remains to be seen how they will be able to deal with Thanos’s tough guys and the threat they represent.


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 As for the aforementioned Avengers, it’s every bit as good as it’s sister title while being a completely different monster altogether. This book began with a meeting between Cap and Iron Man in which they decided that the core group of the Avengers must get bigger to deal with the threats facing them. As if universal incursions are not enough, a new group of frienemies is attempting to transform the Earth into a sentient being with the use of genesis bombs. This same attack also resulted in Tony and Steve’s prophecy coming true, as Hickman has used the genesis bombs and their repercussions to introduce many forgotten corners of Marvel history including The New Universe, The Squadron Supreme and even an unnamed ROM: Spaceknight.

Have You Copped

Plus has Black Widow ever looked or sounded better than this?

This is one of the major strengths of Hickman’s run, as the meticulous plotting reminds me of LOST at is finest. Little seeds that were planted in the first issue of both titles have grown and become major plot lines of their own with more stories branching out all the time. The threats that each team faces seems to come from completely different points but as the story progresses more and more common links are found.

With the big Infinity event coming up this is the perfect time to get up on both of these books. Since I sound like such a corporate whore let me also mention Hickman’s Manhattan Projects which is also efffing awesome. There, are you  happy now Fanbros? Now I just sound like a Hickman whore instead of a Marvel Zombie. Trust me I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t worth it, and I’m not talking about the late nights in the back of taxi cabs. I’m talking about the pure entertainment value that Hickman has been giving me. I’m really not talking about the back of cabs.