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Greatest Horror Movies Ever Episode Featuring Combat Jack (FanBrosShow)

Greatest Horror Movies Ever

Surprisingly. didn’t make the list.

Since Halloween is right around the corner we figured we’d invite Combat Jack, horror movie aficionado to discuss what are the Greatest Horror Movies Ever. Not that we take the Greatest Horror Movies Ever list lightly either as we get into J-Horror, K-Horror, G-Horror and whatever other alphabet letter horror movies we can think about. Plus we review American Horror Story, describe the difference between scary and creepy, and we still manage to bring you all the usual game, movie, and television news that you’ve come to love and hate every week. So kick back but you might want to leave the lights on, the Greatest Horror Movies Ever episode is not to be trifled with. Remember to subscribe rate and leave a comment on Itunes. Also you can go here and preregister for our live Laffster event which is happening Monday night October 29th at 830 PM Eastern Standard Time.

  • Fanbros! Watchmen is the best adaptation of a comic book. Zack Snyder did what everybody thought was impossible. Avengers still so fun to watch. The Walking Dead fell off so hard. I missed the last episode and haven’t bothered to check my dvr.

  • Samantha F.

    So when we’re not tired, we’re eating on air? Have to say, I love the conviction behind Combat’s opinions. His voice is technicolor in a sepia world. But no Chico? I miss him.

    Thoroughly enjoyable episode and probably one of the strongest in a while (sorry, but your guest last time came across horrible). There were several moments when you said exactly what was on my mind and it was nice sharing mindscapes.

    Favorite horror/monster movie: I DON”T watch horror movies but Carrie would be it. Watched it the first time alone, at night, on my bed and I sleep with the t.v. on because I was afraid of that hand coming out from under my bed. Monster movie: Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Let the Right One In.

  • Samantha F.

    OH, and 300 is the greatest comic adaptation of all time. Frame for frame and overall tone.

    • Loved 300 too. Zack Snyder adapts comics really well. I think Halloween(Michael Myers) is the scariest. Just thinking about a random stranger walking around your house with a knife scares the shit out of me.

  • GRANDfathercloc

    I never been into horror films even though I watch them but they don’t scare me. The creepiest film that I’ve seen and is still hard to watch is “Communion” with Christopher Walken. If you never seen it peep it cause it could have been on some real shit.

  • Ricky Choo

    The greatest horror film to me for the same reasons CJ chose Night of the Living Dead has to be the classic The Omen, with Gregory Peck!