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GamerGate Vs The FanBrosShow Featuring J Smooth

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Whelp. Yes the FanBrosShow decided to look into the huge controversy that has erupted over #GamerGate during the past few months. And in order to make sure that we sounded intelligent whilst doing it we brought in J Smooth, the legend behind IllDoctrine.Com and much more. J drops so much knowledge on the GamerGate subject that we almost felt like just letting him run the show. Listen as the Fanbros break down GamerGate, as well as offer our recap of all the greatness of NYCC, plus the latest news in tech, comics, films, and TV. You know how we do, and don’t forget to subscribe on Itunes, Like us on FB, and join us on Stitcher!

  • Brooklyn_Bruin

    The “Mainstream” media doesn’t seem to understand Gamergate. After the ex-boyfriend put up his blog post, the community reacted to the gossip. What would have just been a typical afternoon of entertainment changed when Neogaf, 4chan, and Reddit deleted the various posts and then banned the users. All of these things have been meticulously documented, but Gawker/Deadspin/Verge just glom the story onto the general narrative that video game “bros” hate women and hate people of color.