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Ferguson Needs Frederick Douglass Feat. Phil Darius Wallace


Ferguson has been on everyone’s mind these last few days, with the grand jury decision coming down like Thor’s hammer on our collective heads. The FanBrosShow tackles the tough topics in this episode as we speak about our own reactions to the verdict, plus we welcome Phil Darius Wallace of the one man play “Self Made Man: The Frederick Douglass Story”. “Self Made Man” is a thought provoking, supremely well acted and directed play about the life and times of Freddie D, and we speak with Phil about his thoughts on Ferguson, why Ferguson needs someone like Frederick Douglass, and what else can we do to hopefully ensure that these tragedies don’t keep happening to our people. Plus we bring you the geek news that you know and love, I mean we can’t just be the voice of the Urban and no Geek right? Join us for this round table discussion and let your own thoughts be heard in the comments section and on Twitter!

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  • This interview has probably been one of my favourites since I became a listener (shoutouts to Sammus and Megaran for my other two favourites). Particularly found the commentary on the history of Frederick Douglas and the fluctuations in equality, rights and perceptions of people over the last couple centuries, to be really enlightening. Massive love and respect.

    • Buddha Scribe

      It definitely was a good ep and you’re definitely going to end up having many more favorites.

      Sidenote – I took my woman to a comic store yesterday and out of nowhere she blurts out something like “Oooh I can get in touch with my fanbro side in here.”

  • Thank you very much Zeeshaan. We felt this was a very important interview as well so we are happy to hear that others felt the same. Much love and salutes for being a listener!