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FanBros Originals – Fearless Future: Issue Two – Hidden Track

Fearless Future

Well after last week’s somewhat dark premiere episode of Fearless Future, we return with the second installment under the banner “Hidden Track”. This episode was written by Josh Tierney with art by Afu Chan. Fearless Future is the first series of stories under the FanBros Originals brand, which is our new line of creator owned comics, webseries, and whatever else we decide. Fearless Future is what you would call the first season, a series of comics that each tell their own story but are linked by visions of the future, the meaning and power of technology and media, and other ideas that are more relevant now than ever.
“Hidden Track” is definitely a much lighter tale than “Yes You Can”, but still with a great ending that will leave you thinking. Look for an interview with the creators where we speak on how it feels to be involved with Fearless Future as well as their own Eisner nominated series Spera. Hit the jump for the embed and the individual pages.

Fearless Future






  • Samantha F.

    I love the illustrations on this piece with the 90’s throwback feel (when is the last time you saw a landline phone in someone’s room?) and bright colors. The story was cool too but it left me a little sad. Thinking about the end of all things physical is depressing.

  • Wow, that last panel was deep. I remember I used to buy Cd’s myself but I haven’t bought a physical cd since I bought my first Ipod. Comics are going the same way I used to buy floppys and trades all the time now it’s straight digital. Kinda makes me sad

  • warmachine

    Very cool comic I would want to check this one out. Thank you Fan bros for feeding my addiction. A good tagline would be Netflix show treat of the week or Netflix heat of the week. Oh yeah what about avengers a.I doombot is funny. I can’t get into DC comics sorry Jamie fan bros for life.

  • Izzy G

    This was awesome. The art was interesting. The story was cool and inventive. The idea was fascinating. I want to see more.

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