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FBS No. 46 – FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode

 FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode

The FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode. If you had told me a year ago that the FanBrosShow would achieve the greatness that we did in our first year I would have believed you. Because from the moment the Fantastic Four set out on the spaceship to conquer the final frontier I knew we had something special on our hands. But let Jamie Righetti tell you that as we welcome back our friend and compadre to ship, fresh off finishing her new novel. Yup she’s bout to be a published author and all that. You know how we do. But we couldn’t get one without getting the other member of the Four that you’ve been waiting for, Chico Leo makes his triumphant return to the ship on the FanBrosShow One Year Anniversary Episode. You can finally learn what drove the man and the legend off the ship to explore the Negative Zone all on his own. So buckle your seatbelts, make sure you’ve shielded your ship against the cosmic rays and join the FanBros as we kick off the eternal celebration of our one year anniversary! Eternal? Yup we will be here forever. Forever and ever, forever and ever. We will be here forever. But make sure you click on that donation button directly to your right just in case.

  • Samantha F.

    When can I get my Fan Bros signifier? I need a Fan Bros shirt to go with my Black Butler and Game of Thrones shirts (still trying to make friends at the Starbucks~sigh). Actually, quick story about my adventures in friendship:

    I found an anime shop here in my town, but I really am out of the age range for the clientele. However the owner was super cool and she hosts a movie party once a month so that the kids that shop there can have a safe space to cosplay and network. I went one night because she was screening Princess Mononoke and it was cool to watch all these nerd-lettes (and a few mini-bros) making friends and expressing their standom in a safe and welcoming place. I feel new hope for the kids.

    I can’t believe it’s been a year and even though I haven’t been around the whole time, there is no expressing how much more I now look forward to your Thursday and Monday broadcasts. It was nice to hear some familiar voices (hearing Chico’s voice again really made me smile but I’m sorry about the passing of his mother – my condolences) and I hope that whoever you chose to fill their seats understand the greatest they are expected to live up to.


  • Fred Tetteh

    This episode was dope, it was great to hear the original crew. It would be awesome if you could get Jamie and Chico back occasionally for important stuff. (GOT finale?)

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