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FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue One – Yes You Can

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How can I introduce the first series under the FanBros Originals banner? I mean I feel like this deserves a classic Stan Lee imitation, complete with lines like: “Nothing will ever be the same after this Fearless Future tale written by the dastardly Dallas Penn with astonishing artwork courtesy of the incomparable Ian Herring!”. Or maybe I should go with a Rod Sterlingesque intro, something along the lines of “What you are about to read is thought provoking, perhaps even a little disturbing, but the reality of the story you are about to indulge in is that it could happen anywhere, perhaps even in your own small place of this vast universe.” But I think I’ll just say that Fearless Future is the first series in our FanBros Originals line of creator owned Internets comics. What does this mean? Well just like in your regular comic store you can check here every other Wednesday for a new update from a plethora of talent, some of who you have heard of before and some who will be brand new to me and you. This first story under the Fearless Future banner is titled YES YOU CAN and is written by Dallas Penn, of The Combat Jack Show, Complex TV, DallasPenn.Com and way too many other things for me to mention. The art is by Ian Herring, an Eisner award winning colorist from Toronto, whose recent works include Cyborg 009 and the newly announced Hacktivist. The letters were done by Deron Bennett, whose work you can find on Mr. Murder is Dead, Billy Fog, Helldorado, Richie Rich and more. Bookmark the brand new Originals tab in the menu bar above and make sure you come back in two weeks for our next installment. Hit the jump for the first Fearless Future tale and let me leave you with an Excelsior!!! or something to that extent.

Fearless Future




Fearless Future