FanBros Originals (Press Release)

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FanBros Originals

FanBros.Com Launches “FanBros Originals” With Award-Winning Lineup

Coinciding with San Diego Comi-Con 2013, Fan Bros and The Loud Speakers Network are proud to announce FanBros Originals, a biweekly feature publishing never-before-seen comics by fan favorite creators and tomorrow’s big names.
The opening installment is a series of self-contained science fiction cautionary tales under the banner, FEARLESS FUTURE, edited by Chris Robinson (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand).
“We have always envisioned FanBros.Com as a place for new talent to gain a foothold in the industry. With the publication of Originals we have now added comics to the many ways in which we showcase artists and their work.” said host, DJ BenHaMeen.

Yep you read that correctly, in addition to the number one podcast in the universe and the greatest website in the galaxy we know bring you the best comics on the planet, FanBros Originals, our very own line of Internets issues. Join us here on July 17th and every two weeks after for a self contained story by some of the greats in comics as well as newcomers to the field. Much more information after the break so hit that button and read up on FanBros Originals for yourself.


FanBros Originals

Currently in beta, FanBros.com remains a hub for fans of the popular podcast to continue their fandom through think pieces and daily features based on the latest and greatest in film, television, comics and tech.
More creative teams and titles are to be announced. Please note the site is currently not accepting Originals pitches, however, Submissions Guidelines are soon to be released.

FanBros Originals
July 17 – “Yes You Can” written by Dallas Penn (Internets Celebrities, The Combat Jack Show featuring Dallas Penn) and illustrated by Ian Herring (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand, Splinter Cell)
July 31 – “Hidden Track” written by Josh Tierney (Spera) and illustrated by Afu Chan (Spera)
August 14 – “The Precious Few” written and illustrated by Derek Fridolfs (Justice League Beyond, Batman: Arkham
Unhinged) & Kenneth Elliott Jones (Legends of the Dark Knight), with color art by Jesse Turnbull
August 28 – “Employee of Tomorrow” written and illustrated by Rus Wooton (The Walking Dead, Sex), with color art by Kelly Kitzpatrick
September 11– “Make it There” written by Sebastian Girner (PunisherMax) and art by Kendall Goode, with color art by Ruth Redmond
September 25 – “Faces” written by Eric Skillman (Suckers, Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand) and illustrated by Paulina Ganucheau
October 9 – “Deadly Warriors” written by Declan Shalvey (Venom, Deadpool) and illustrated by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, with color art by Ruth Redmond
October 23 – “Irreplaceable” written by Alejandro Arbona (Invincible Iron Man, Immortal Iron Fist) and art by Declan Shalvey (Venom, Deadpool)

For inquiry, please contact @fanbrosshow or fanbrosshow@gmail.com

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FanBros Originals. Digital Comics. Creator Owned. From The Get.

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