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FanBros Need Therapy Episode

FanBros Need Therapy
The FanBros Need Therapy? Well on the latest FanBrosShow the Voice Of The Urban Geek welcomes Dr. Maya Pettiford, the psychologist most commonly known for her appearance on The Combat Jack Show’s now famous Therapy Episode. The FanBros talk through their differences with each other, as well as delving into the their individual origin stories. The FanBros speak on their own problems & psychosis and Dr. Pettiford helps each of them see that they are stronger as a family then they are without each other.
Learn what made Chico Leo leave the show for six months, why BenHaMeen never speaks on Dubai, and what animal does Tatiana most identify herself with? It’s a very special episode of FanBrosShow, so please tune in and let us know what you think of the show, the discussion, and anything else in the comments and on our various social medias.

  • @djbenhameen @TatianaKing @thechicoleo listening to this gives me so many flashbacks of the CJS therapy Ep. Great work y’all

  • This episode is horrible! The therapist is obnoxious AF

    • tell us how you really feel.


    • horrible? ive listened three times i think its one of our best. but thanks for the love lol

    • @wallabee that’s fair. thanks for the comment homie

    • grubby

      There is only a finite amount of time with a therapist and it’s still a podcast. No room to coddle everybody and let them carry on with their regular behavior/excuses/etc… I don’t think a therapist’s job is to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. It can be uncomfortable and blunt.

  • Episode was awesome and one of the best. Disagree with the other dude totally.

  • Sky

    listened to that show last night, I got choked up a little bit, and it made me appreciate the show more.
    Keep on keeping on.

  • H Class

    Just finished listening to the episode and although it definitely wasn’t the episode I was expecting, it definitely ended up being a classic. Being a listener since the very beginning a lot of this was very insightful. I also commend all of you guys for basically baring your souls and sharing it with the public.

    I can also relate to what Ben had mentioned regarding “over thinking” some times. Especially when thinking about greater society and world issues. It’s something I’ve been trying to self manage for a while now and this episode as inspired me to give therapy a try as well.

    Lastly I want to say that although they may not always be cohesive to the show, I personally enjoy Chico’s tangents. Lol.

    Aight I’m about to get back to work. Look forward to the next episode. One.

    • LOL. Chico’s tangents bring alot of flavor to the show. its all about knowing when to tone them down or go buck wild.

      First i am so so so pleased you’ve been around since the beginning! very refreshing. Second–I am humbled you found empathy with us during the session. We knew this would be a shocker for alot of folks but overall the response is positive. Even if it isnt we still appreciate the fact that people took time to listen

      Thanks again

  • loved this episode!

  • The fact that no one got defensive or really took offense to the doctor’s comments and analysis really shows a level of maturity that’s seriously lacking amoungst our people. Great show!

  • derpygurl

    Ok, I had seen how deep the episode was from Twitter reactions so I waited to listen. Now that I have,140 characters just wisn’t enough characters to write ALL OF THE FEELS! First of all, kudos to all of you for being so open and honest about your personal stories and kudos to Dr. Psyloche for being able to make you feel comfortable enough to do so. It was definitely an emotional show and I feel like I could relate to every story in some way. My Dad suffered a series of strokes and it felt like all I did was run from the hospital to work and back again until he passed, I watched a man who was always strong and vocal become trapped in his body, unable to move or speak. I’m the only girl and the oldest, my mom is from an island and my Dad was from the south. Which means I am genetically engineered to do everything and protect everyone. So again I can relate. But the thing I didn’t do, was stop and really take care of myself. I was so busy “compartmentalizing” and “getting sh*t done” that I put my own well being on the back burner…until I had a stroke myself. Not kidding. For more than two days I lost the ability to control the left side of my body. Today I’m much better. I’m one of the lucky ones. The moral of my story? It all goes somewhere, even when you think it doesn’t, even when you think that you’re holding it together, your body and your mind hold onto everything. Find a way to let it go. Therapy, Krav Maga, World of Warcraft, origami, cosplay, whatever. And never forget that blood or not, you’re a family. Love you guys. Keep up the good work!