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FanBros Awards: The Best of San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Welcome, FanBros! Mellow here ready to dish out some of the best surprises that greeted us this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con 2016!


Best Franchise Revitalization

Power Rangers


Take a look at it. This franchise will soon be unavoidable all over again.

The talent attached to this project has been quite impressive. Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston aren’t exactly low on the movie star totem pole and the writers of X-Men: First Class obviously have excellent track records for “super powered heroes with teen angst banding together.” The darker tone and new style opens a lot of new doors for a bare bones franchise that has been waiting to be expanded.

To top it off, the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink comic has shown a more mature side to the classic iteration of the characters. For someone like myself who isn’t a fan, it says a lot about where this franchise is headed if I’m actually interested in it’s next move.


Best New Superhero Cinematic Franchise

Wonder Woman

It took a powerful heroine to be the saving grace for DC in the franchise bomb that was Batman vs. Superman earlier this year. Diana’s more than earned her own spotlight for next summer. While we’ve all been crossing fingers that this translates into to the character’s first major theatrical feature (after years of rough drafts and stalls), we finally have her at a time where it couldn’t be more crucial to have a female lead and shake up the superhero culture from it’s lack of variety.

While general consensus has been this tale seems to be the “First Avenger” of the DC Cinematic franchise, that isn’t exactly a fault. It’s clear the trailer is holding a lot back, but with snappy dialogue and regal elegance radiating from Gal Gadot, it’s clear this will be a fun ride next summer.


Best Trailer


So, this trailer is everything fantasy for me. This movie can fill a lot of geek voids and wounds from recent years.

This has the potential to:

  • Bring the King Kong franchise into favor after the 2005 movie, which despite being a critical darling, fell quietly off the map for audiences who were bored by the last outing.
  • Start the universe/path that needs to be set by Warner Bros. for their King Kong vs Godzilla plan to be set in motion and executed by 2020.
  • For those of us still disappointed with 2015’s Jurassic World, this is an amazing opportunity to get giant dinosaurs without having to turn our brains entirely off.


Most Anticipated Fall TV Series

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

While The Wicked + The Divine holds a special place in my heart and I hope it becomes to series soon, I can’t deny the sheer wave of talent brimming from this cast, the art direction and the incredible minds of Neil Gaiman ‘s imagination and Bryan Fuller’s ability to make the best series on television. The story of The Old Gods vs The New Gods (such as Media and Technology) will be one that will get a lot of coverage on FanBros’ Special Delivery this fall.


Best Studio Line-up


SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 23: (L-R) Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, director James Gunn, actors Michael Rooker, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff and Dave Bautista attend the Marvel Studios presentation during Comic-Con International 2016 at San Diego Convention Center on July 23, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

I mean, come on….

To be honest, the Warner Bros. SDCC 2016 showing impressed me because they seemed to be having fun this year and felt more confident in their movies, TV shows and even non-comic related properties. But what they lack is simple:

A strong history of knocking it out of the park annually like our friends here in Marvel.

We have Michael Rooker as Yondu on stage, which just makes me happier than I can express to see the fin on his head. The Black Panther cast makes me so proud I’m hitting the gym once I post this article just to cosplay. Doctor Strange proudly steps into a genre that Marvel has yet to try. And we have Brie Larson, an Academy Award-winning actress headlining her own superhero franchise with Captain Marvel, as Marvel Studio’s Phase 3 experiments with these new genres.

And we haven’t even touched the Netflix series.


Best New Comic Series



I’m not usually a fan of the Big Two (Marvel & DC), but if there’s one thing you learn growing up as a comic nerd:

If Marvel makes a series about teenagers, you take the time to read it.

The track record for this theory is pretty strong (Young Avengers[both volumes], Runaways and, of course, X-Men) and I’m hoping I can add a new one to that collection. Apart from this new variation of Nova, I’m a huge fan of each member of this cast and their individual perspectives of the Marvel universe. Several members of the team represent some positive changes in the publishing line and a couple of them haven’t really found out where they fit. And to me, that’s a perfect combination for some really fun stories in the near future. Especially when seeing a team that has rejected Avengers membership instead of the tired old trope of trying to earn it.


What were your stand-out favorite moments and franchises in San Diego Comic Con 2016? Be sure to comment below and follow us at @FanBrosShow on Twitter!