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This is it. This is our greatest leap forward into the great “VR Revolution” and EnvelopVR has brought the killer app to solidify their place in it.

Microsoft Envelope


Introducing the Envelop VR software designed to turn your entire desktop into it’s own virtual world. This immersive, powerful application has the ability to take your desktop and turn it into a virtual dome for you to interact with all of your applications.

This means you can have a YouTube video blaring behind you, a social media wall of all of your favorite sites to the left, a Twitch stream on your left, right next to your RSS news feed, while you are working away on your custom code and office work directly in front of you.

This application is also compatible with the two primary VR platforms on the market: Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Envelop’s software is compatible with the minimum PC requirements to run this hardware, making it accessible to all of the primary adopters for this hardware. In fact, to introduce this ground-breaking new software(and in celebration of it’s huge new presence at VRLA this weekend), it will be available for FREE on Steam this Friday, August 5th.

FanBros.com will also be on Periscope live this Friday with Envelop CEO Bob Berry for a live demo and to ask the questions you want to know about this amazing new product. Stay tuned and follow more details below from EnvelopVR on their bold new venture into the growing industry of VR.




Envelop VR




Envelop for Windows Public Beta launches this Friday, August 5th at VRLA and will be available for download on Steam


August 4, 2016 Bellevue, WAEnvelop VR, a software company enabling new ways to use virtual reality as a platform to work, create and play, introduces their initial product, Envelop™ for Windows®, the only fully immersive computing platform that enables all of your Windows applications while in a VR headset.

No longer limited by a physical “flat” monitor set-up, Envelop for Windows is the best way to experience immersive computing by running any existing Windows application in a virtual environment. It bridges the past with the future, providing users for the first time ever individual control over each window’s size and location in a vast three-dimensional space. Users can open multiple windows, adjust them to any size, and place them wherever they want, improving multi-tasking capabilities and allowing for customization of a personal work space for improved productivity and efficiency while computing. Virtual reality users can now shop online, check social media, work in Microsoft Office and watch a YouTube video all at the same time.

Envelop for Windows is currently compatible with the HTC VIVE® and Oculus Rift VR headsets. The beta software, which has been in closed testing for the past several months, will be available to the public starting this Friday, August 5th on Steam for free, as part of Envelop VR’s presence at VRLA’s Summer expo. To download the software, go to www.envelopvr.com/download.

The Only Platform for Extending Legacy Applications into VR

Envelop for Windows is the basis for a powerful, soon-to-be-released SDK (software development kit) that will enable developers to extend legacy two-dimensional applications and web sites, as well as new three-dimensional games and applications into the immersive computing platform. This means Envelop software will help produce a much greater virtual reality ecosystem. Virtual reality users wanting access to more intriguing content will want to make sure to download and use Envelop, and developers wanting a toolkit that will simplify creating new VR content or enable them to easily “VR-ify” legacy content, will also need access to the software.

“We believe that we are enabling the next wave of computing here at Envelop VR,” said Bob Berry CEO and co-founder. “No other virtual reality software company is actively pursuing such a broad view of what is necessary to bring immersive computing to the masses.”

Envelop for Windows is a proprietary engine built for maximum performance and flexibility. In addition to its multiple monitor functionality, and ability to give users individual control of the size and placement of each Windows application, it also allows for a mixed reality view (with the use of a web cam) so users are able to view their hands, keyboard and mouse while in a VR headset. This is an important feature for those individuals who are not touch typists.

The software also comes with several custom designed environments allowing users to change the backdrop scene and personalize the virtual space depending on their mood.

For maximum performance, Envelop requires a Windows 10 operating system and a VR-ready graphics processing unit, i.e. Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon™ R9 290 equivalent or better.

“I look upon Envelop for Windows as the ‘SuperGlue’ of VR and an essential step in exploiting what virtual reality can bring to current users of the Windows platform,” said Dr. Tom Furness, grandfather and pioneer of AR/VR.  “If you are going to make a significant investment in a VR headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE, Envelop will help you get the most out of your technology. You not only have better access to content, but you can use your computer while gaming and doing other tasks… and all this while you are immersed in three dimensional VR….it is magic.”



About Envelop VR

Founded in 2014, Envelop VR is a virtual reality software company that enables enterprises, developers and consumers to work, create and play in an immersive, 3D virtual environment. Envelop VR is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Bob Berry, who studied virtual reality in Japan in the late 90s, and chief technology officer Jon Mavor, who has spent the last two decades in the video game business developing advanced rendering technologies. Envelop VR is based in downtown Bellevue, WA. For more information go to www.envelopvr.com or email us at info@envelopvr.com.