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The Dule Hill Episode (FanBrosShow No. 60)

Dule Hill



Dule Hill, who you may know from the hit series Psych, joins the spaceship this week to discuss his illustrious acting career as well as his new venture the mobile app Nomino. We get to the bottom of what brings an African-American actor into the tech world, what we can expect next from Nomino, and what else Dule Hill has been up to since the wrapping of Psych. We also speak on his tap dance origins, his love for Lena Horne, and why he always keeps it 300. At the end of the day it’s a new episode of FanBrosShow featuring one of our biggest guests yet! All of this plus we kick off a new contest, BenHaMeen sheds thug tears over missing SDCC, and we enlist more people into the FanBros Navy. So if you are in San Diego for SDCC hit us up at @FanBrosShow on Twitter and Instagram and let us know what you see out there.

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  • yes, i need to hear black panther is happening or i don’t even know how i can continue living.

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      hopefully you are still alive!

  • Lina

    First, I’m a huge fan of Psych. Dule signed my season 7 of psych when he stopped here in Chicago for the Characters United Campaign. Amaze-balls. Also, since I now know y’all are accepting stick figures, I’ll have my fan art sent in tomorrow! 🙂 Looking forward to next week. Keep up the good work.