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The Dexter Season Premier Episode (Fan Bros Show)

Dexter Season Premier



The Dexter Season Premier episode with another great moment from Chico Leo, before we can even to break down the Dexter season premier Chico argues why R. Kelly should play the Master Chief in the Halo movie, plus we tell you why you should be watching Defiance & whether or not True Blood is ever going to get better. Spoiler alert: Probably not. We also announce the winners of last week’s contest, and we set it off with another contest for two Dexter Season Seven gift bags.  Hit the break for the rules of the contest, plus to find out if you won last week.




1. Adrian Eufracio

2. Isiah Brazil

3. Josanna

4. Ben Cali

5. Gilberto Serrano



The rules for this contest are pretty simple, just leave a comment below or on our Itunes page with your personal code of conduct ala Dexter. Basically who would you kill and why if you were a serial killer with a conscience? The top two best entries will win! This contest will run until next Wednesday at 12 am.

  • Warmachine

    Cool episode thanks for dropping it early. Well True Blood would be cool with more characters. Also Orphan Black season final wasn’t great it reminded me of Dark Angel will less of a budget. Also looper reminded me of cowboy bebop since. They had similar drugs check the movie out for reference. Ok questions, No netflix pick sad no Copper update for new` season. A good question would be what movies remind you of an anime series. Also whats up with thanos rising. Im not sure if its out yet. And the Moor green lantern should be the guy from 44 or maybe the guy from chronicle but maybe a teen version. I think dc should do a teen titans movie to get people to watch their movies or maybe a series. Ok Thanks im warmachine. Matt Razz should be the dragon slayer since he doesn’t like the dragon’s stuff. Also Anyone that doesn’t stop for walker in the crosswalk should get a warning death note and then death on the 3 infraction. Chico is the maaster of quirky guard. Also a question what are you guys lloking forward to for dragon con or any summer event.im out.

  • Dope episode guys when I think of rappers turned actors I think about ludacris and common also Will Smith. I’m on the same page as Jamie in regards to Chadwick Boseman as John Stewart. And as far as my code of conduct regarding murder I think anybody that gets in a elevator and are going to the second floor you’re dead.

    • Samantha F.

      Awww, you would have killed me in college then. We had a dorm that was shaped like a three legged spider and the stairs were at the very tips of the hallways while the elevator was in the center. My room was right next to the elevator so I would ride to the second floor because otherwise I had to walk down two super long hallways to get to my room. So, yeah, I’m definitely guilty. I agree with you about thinking of Will Smith when you think of rapper turned actor. My personal favorite rapper turned actor is Ice Cube, but I remember thinking Fredro Starr was good in his run on Moesha and then Queen Latifah in Set It Off (but was she really acting).

      • DJ BenHaMeen

        lol why is Queen Latifah questionable? Lol Im not touching that one. I more wondered was she acting in the movie where she pretended to be attracted to Common. and vice versa.

        • Samantha F.

          OMG, Just Wright was terrible with Common’s dry line reading and the waste of Paula Patton. The only reason to watch that movies was to see how laid the hairdressers kept Latifah’s hair. But seriously, is a movie with Latifah as the lead ever a good idea? Please make a list of actor’s better left to sidekick roles because their managers need to be informed.

          • DJ BenHaMeen

            My best friend who loves Common as a man and as a person can’t stand watching him act. I cry laughing watching Just Wright every time its on. Great idea for a list.

  • Samantha F.

    If I had a serial killer code of conduct, I would probably kill that person in every office who constantly forwards dumbass chain emails like “If you believe, you will forward this to 2,000 people” or politically insensitive shit like “Our current president is a monkey, but one day the South will rise again” and then have the nerve to pat you on the back in the break room and display how proud they are of their ignorant ass viewpoints and think that you as that “different type of darkie” is cool with that ole racist bullshit. Yeah, those people need to die.

    • Jamie Righetti

      wholeheartedly condone this one

  • ^ Yeah I hate that email stuff too