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The Dem Thrones & Dem Clones Episode

Dem Thrones

The Dem Thrones & Dem Clones Episode covers the latest episodes of Game Of Thrones & Orphan Black as well as Flash & Agents Of SHIELD. Jam packed with goodness The Chico Leo & BenHaMeen discuss all the latest happenings on your favorite shows of the week! What is going on in Westeros & can Circe regain her power on the throne? Will the male clones devious plans prove bad for Sarah and her ilk? Did Flash get any better this week and will Agents of Shield ever stop being so downbeat? All this and more on the latest episode of Special Delivery, the Dem Thrones & Dem Clones Episode!!

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  • Great insight on @CW_TheFlash. It might be the best superhero show on TV.