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FanBros Originals Presents Fearless Future: Issue Seven – Deadly Warriors

Deadly Warriors


“Deadly Warriors is a sobering commentary on the direction of entertainment culture.” – Chris Robinson

Written by @DeclanShalvey (Deadpool, Conan). This is his first writing credit. Deadpool #18 on shelves today.

Illustrated by @RLopezOrtiz. This is his first sequential work. See more here.

Colored by @RuthRedmond. Her first issue of Imagine Agents (AUG131138) hits shelves in a couple weeks.

Lettered by @DeronBennett, veteran letterer and Eisner nominee. His next work is always his best work.



Well folks with Deadly Warriors we bring the first volume of FanBros Originals to a close. Yeah I know it hurts me too but just like Breaking Bad all great things must come to an end sometime. Fearless Future has been a joy to be associated with, and once again I’d like to thank all of the writers,artists, editors, fans, commenters and everyone else who has been involved in making this a success. We are working on collecting all of these issues in a printed edition so we would like to ask the fans would you be interested in purchasing a volume of Fearless Future? Also what would you like to see next from FanBros Originals? As always you can send in your submissions for the next edition of FanBros Originals to our email address, FanBrosShow@Gmail.Com. Stay tuned faithful readers the best is yet to come.

Deadly Warriors

Deadly Warriors

Deadly Warriors

Deadly Warriors



  • Samantha F.

    The frenzied kid of blurry illustration on this piece perfectly matched the tone of the story. But am I wrong or is this a real show now. I think it’s called deadliest warrior and it’s on spike tv. So is this just imagining if the show was actually traveling back in time and killing real people? The whole holographic thing has me confused.

    • earthshaker1217

      Yep. I feel like this comic book was inspired by that Deadliest Warrior show.

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