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Totally Crossed Out (The Walking Dead Recap)


Crossed? Don’t these Walking Dead people know that a cross over aint nothing but a double cross? If anyone got that reference I’ll buy you a new puppy. Anyway on the latest Special Delivery Chico Leo & Benhameen discuss the latest episode of the Walking Dead entitled “Crossed”. Another week of The Walking Dead and the fifth season is still running on all cylinders with Daryl & The Gang attempting a rescue attempt for everyone’s favorite Beth. Plus more on the fate of Eugene, Rosita proves she’s much more than a pretty face, and Sasha shows that Father Gabriel isn’t the only gullible one on this show. It’s FanBrosShow Special Delivery, covering TWD in the way that only we can. Keep the Crossover.

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  • qstorm

    I recognized Christine Woods right off the bat and cheered. Great to see her in something given it’s a shame HBO cancelled Hello Ladies. I thought I was the only black man in America who knew who Stephen Merchant is. Are any of you fans of Ricky Gervais as well?

    • DJ BenHaMeen

      I think Ricky is funny but he’s kind of scummy in real life so it makes me not like him.