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The Cosplay Episode Starring @MsJayJustice (FanBrosShow)





On the latest episode of FanBros we decided to delve into the wonderful world of cosplay and since none of us are experts on the matter we brought in Jay Justice to break down what cosplay is all about and much more. We speak on racism in the field, what it’s like to make a costume out of car seats, and Jay curates a FanBrosShow cosplay outing. Wait til you hear what she chooses for Chico. Not only that we have the usual Comics I Copped, Tech Talk with Tatiana, and the return of Chico’s Netflix Pic Of The Week. Another action packed episode so sit back and enjoy the secrets of cosplay. Don’t forget to rate, subscribe, and to leave a comment on Itunes.

  • Jay Justice went in on Oz. I was watching that movie on a plane and fell asleep during the opening credits.

  • Samantha F.

    I got lost in a lot of the character references, but overall, it was a great show. I wish you guys had asked her about the SyFy cosplay show, but she kind of addressed the main question I would have asked about racial neutrality in cosplay. But I also would have asked her about sizism. She has a great body and can pull off just about any look, but how does she feel about larger bodies dressing as these perfectly sculpted figures. I’ve read a lot about the size bias, but an insider view is always appreciated. Great job fan bros and welcome back, Chico *plays Mr. Kotter theme song*