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  • Mike Boogie

    Love the show and look forward to each new show especially after watching certain movies and shows. Only one issue I been noticing is I see the show getting uploaded on soundcloud on time but with iTunes it seems to take a long while before you guys put it on iTunes. And prefer downloading and listening to show off iTunes. Only issue and its not a big one at all. Keep up this great show!

  • Anonymous


  • ryan dougherty

    fan pack

  • Fanbros.com – I am a fan of you.

  • Bigcricket

    Sup Fanbros. first off love the show, I tell all my friends and coworkers to check it out or reference you guys whenever discussing Fandom topics. Anyway while trolling throuh Hulu this rainy Memorial Day Weekend I came across an anime worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already. Unbreakable Machine-Doll. 4 episodes in out of 12 and it’s pretty legit. Check it out would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

  • Buddha Scribe

    im trying to figure out where to submit my answer to the question of the week! That should be a tab on the main page!

    • *strokes imaginary beard* interesting. we’ll come up with something

  • Bigcricket

    Hey Fanbros I was looking through your store and the proverbal light bulb turned on above my head, ya’ll need customized lanyards. We wear these at my job and i’m sure other working fanbros would rep the best Podcasts ever to grace digital airwaves. Keep up the great work and get some lanyards I need some for my job and i’m not that much of a fan of my college. Just need the degree don’t need to rep the school.

    • Thanks for the idea Bigcrickett! And you are awesome for supporting us! Tell a friend to tell a friend!

  • Bigcrickett

    Just saw this episode of Mysteries of Laura and theres an important segment of the show that reminded me of Tatiana and ChicoLeo scene starts around 16:30. Thanks for being the best podcast ever!!!

  • Tony Drossos

    Just listened to the ep with Young Guru. Dug the new “Brapp” question asking about the Dave Chappelle sketches. The thing is, you asked Y.Guru to choose between the Rick James sketch vs. the Prince sketch. Hate to break it to you, but the Chappelle Show’s greatest sketch, and possibly the greatest comedy sketch of all time, has GOT to be “the Player Hater’s Ball”. That sketch was completely improvised, never gets old and even featured an appearance by the late, great Patrice Oneal (albeit underused). I’m telling you; watch that joint again, you’ll see I’m right!