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The Confessions Episode (FanBrosShow Special Delivery)


The Confessions Episode


The Confessions Episode is the one you’ve been waiting for, as BenHaMeen confesses his love of Breaking Bad’s Sklyar and why she’s the hottest woman on the planet. No not really….  Instead on the latest episode of FanBrosShow Special Delivery Chico Leo reports on the state of television today, in particular last night’s episode of Breaking Bad “Confessions”. Chico speaks on what he loved and what he hated about Confessions, and what he thinks we have in store for the last five episodes of Breaking Bad. Chico also catches us up on Copper, explains what True Blood could do to be a better show, and why he has to eat his words about The Newsroom. Tune into this Special Delivery let us know what you think about The Confessions Episode in the comments section and you can hit Chico directly at the Twitter account.

  • Samantha F.

    Okay, at the beginning of the show, I thought Chico was about to start hosting the quiet storm with his low key voice and Usher in the background.

    I have to say, I missed his voice and unique perspective last week so this was an awesome surprise. Are people really calling Walter good, because words mean things so do they think that man is virtuous, commendable, or even loyal?

    Oh, and I don’t appreciate your mocking my need to see the NSYNC reunion in real time. A fan is a fan.

    But seriously, I hope something comes out of nowhere to take T.V. by storm. because you sounded so down about the inevitable end of BB.

  • This was a pleasant surprise to hear Chico riding Dolo. Genius move playing Usher’s confessions at the beginning. I’m guilty of watching the VMA’s but halfway through I was regretting my decision. I dvr the episodes and usually watch the episode live and than again to see if I missed anything.

    I gave up on Low Winter Sun after the 1st episode. I was struggling to get through the second one and couldn’t finish.