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The Chew Interview Episode Featuring John Layman & Rob Guillory



Chew Interview Episode


We had to dig in the crates for this Chew Interview Episode featuring the creators of Chew, John & Rob. This comes from New York Comic Con 2013 and I would say it’s our best interview yet, at least out of the ones you’ve gotten to hear. *Insert evil laugh*. Anyway if you’ve listened to any of our previous episodes you’ve probably heard me ranting and raving about Chew in the past and if you haven’t this interview with the creators will give you a lot of insight into one of the craziest books out right now. I mean that in the best way possible as Chew is one of those books that you can easily explain the premise but that doesn’t even begin to let someone understand the greatness that lies within. If you’re already listening to the episode then you also heard our promo for our Laffster episode which happens on OCTOBER 28TH AT 8:30 PM EST RIGHT HERE. Tune in and watch as the Fanbros make complete fools of themselves live on Internet TV. Not only that but you can register and win some pretty cool prizes that you can’t get anywhere else. Make sure you click and find out for yourself about the first of many live events we will be hosting. With that lets get right to the Chew Interview that hopefully you’ve already pressed play on.