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Carbon Warfare Review

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We’re reviewing the latest iOS app from Gamesource Studio, Carbon Warfare. A new RTS game available now on the app store. And today we have a new guest reviewer & fan of the show, Philip Borshell. So, I’ll let him take it away:


Carbon warfare‘s central plot is to destroy the world through climate change caused by carbon pollution based industries. It’s a dark take on a serious issue, while at the same time having the accessible lightheartedness of an app game. You work as an executive/entrepreneur in charge of several industries, such as housing, car manufacturing, and (offshore) oil drilling. The faster and larger your empire grows the more pollution and damage to the earth you cause.

Each industry which is entered to produce carbon emissions has 3 key elements: carbon output, profit, and awareness.
The carbon output effects how much damage you do to the environment. The profit is made of earned money while an industry is in production. And the awareness has to do with how noticeable the impact of your industries are to the country in which your corporations are operating.

While the pace of the game is kind of slow, it maintains intrigue due to the odd/sinister plot of the game. I would classify it as a strategy/puzzle game. In order to completely dominate the globe without bringing too much awareness to yourself, it requires(very necessary) careful planning of where your industries are placed around the globe, as well as how fast you destroy certain ecosystems. This has a direct effect on how quickly you are able to earn money, as well as not attract unwanted awareness to your damage.
The graphics, for a simple/chart based app, are good. There isn’t much action to be animated, apart from  you calling in natural disasters or war being started. The features are slim. There aren’t any in-app purchases, and besides offering options for difficulty and unlocking new stories for your path of destruction (which include different industries and natural disasters), you are left with only one gameplay option. Within the game you can only invest in an industry, or when you have acquired enough “damage points” you can call in a natural disaster to help destroy a region. You cannot save multiple games, and after arriving at a new “world” through unlocking by progress multiple times, the game becomes quite repetitive.

Although the game is graphically sound, it lacks functionality, options and for me a 2.99 price tag is a little bit to pricey for a game with such limited functionality. I would put this as a .99 sale at the most for customers to not feel shorted after purchasing.

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